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NBA Trade Scenario: Ryan Anderson in a package centered around Greg Monroe or Jeff Green

This season has been a disaster, and the roster needs a drastic overhaul. (Sorry to be so blunt.)

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With no end in sight regarding injuries, I believe that it is time to draw the white flag and give up on this season. It is clear that the Pelicans need to make some changes either before the trade deadline or in the off-season so as to maximize their return on future assets.

Ryan Anderson is one of the hottest names circulating in the NBA rumor mill today, and we here at The Bird Writes have discussed several different options of trading him in the past. (ie. HEREHERE and HERE.) Well, it's time to add a few more, although in my opinion, the Pelicans could wait until free agency to move him in a sign-and-trade.

Recently the Milwaukee Bucks have made it clear that both Michael Carter-Williams and Greg Monroe are available for trade. Personally I have no interest in MCW because Jrue is one of our untouchables; however, the Moose is quite appealing. Here at The Bird Writes, we have talked about acquiring the Louisiana native big man before he signed with the Bucks, and more recently, before he was made available for trade publicly.

Bringing him home to New Orleans, Monroe could add a big man physically capable of playing both sides of the ball. Monroe is currently averaging 16.6PPG, 9.7RPG, and almost a steal and a block per game on 52.1 FG%. He's received a lot of bad press lately, but he was never going to be able to anchor a team's defense. Sorry, that's on the Bucks. On the Pelicans, Anthony Davis has the potential of providing the weak side help Monroe desperately needs.

Ryan Anderson has been involved in trade rumors seemingly forever, and could make for a great three-point addition to a team seeking to improve it's range. The Bucks are 29th in 3 pointers attempted and only convert on 34.8% (T-17th) so letting Anderson stretch the floor could really open up the Bucks’ offense. Asik fills the Bucks dire need for a defensive big man. The Bucks are 27th in both Defensive Efficiency and Total Rebounds per Game.

The Pelicans have dealt with a blaring gap at the small forward position since the departure of Trevor Ariza. They have tried forcing players from Tyreke Evans to Dante Cunningham to Luke Babbitt in the past, but New Orleans needs a player who can play both sides of the ball… at least sometimes. Enter Jeff Green.

The Grizzlies just suffered a massive blow to their post-season hopes when it was announced center Marc Gasol has a broken foot. They have two areas of need: more three point shooting and bodies to fill the enormous void left by Gasol. Asik is certainly no Gasol, but he can be an effective rebounder and defender at the rim. Anderson would easily become the best shooter on the team. in return for a small forward they just benched and their third string shooting guard.

The core in Memphis is at the end of their championship window; Conley is on the last year of his contract, Randolph is 33, and Gasol is 31. It may appear they have two choices (blow up the roster or make a remaining charge at a championship); however, undergoing another rebuild with that roster and assets would take a long time.

In exchange, the Pelicans would get a trial period of Green at the 3, a player that has bounced in and out of Dave Joerger's rotations. In addition, his good friend, Courtney Lee could also audition for a role down the road as Eric Gordon's contract is expiring and New Orleans has no clear successors at this point. Let’s make the Grizzlies’ loss our gain!

Just as David mentioned here, the Cleveland Cavaliers have shown interest in Asik, and after their spending spree this past off-season, money is obviously not a factor! So, with the constant rumors that they want to trade Mozgov and acquire a new center, why not Asik? They can use the trade exception from Brendan Haywood to fill the void at the center and make a more legitimate run for LeBron’s championship in Cleveland. The Pelicans get rid of Asik's contract. It’s a win-win!


LeBron James loves Norris Cole from their days spent together in Miami and would probably enjoy pairing up with him once more. With a power rivaling the general manger in Cleveland, James should be able to get his wish, but it's understandable if he'd prefer to wait until the offseason to see if Matthew Dellavedova departs. The Pelicans could then look to execute a sign-and-trade.

Do you guys like any of these ideas? Do you think you have a better idea? Do you just want to insult someone on the internet? Comment below! Regardless of what Dell Demps decides to do, the Pelicans have to get a drastically different roster for next season or both he and Gentry could be sent packing for failure of reacting to a disappointing season.