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Jrue Holiday is going to take someone’s minutes - which Pelican is set to lose time?

Is a guard going to lose significant minutes now that Jrue Holiday is back? Or might Alvin Gentry go small and take those minutes from a big man?

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Which player is most likely to see their minutes diminish and/or evaporate due to the return of Jrue Holiday?

Kevin Barrios: Archie Goodwin is out of the loop now. Frazier and Galloway will see reductions in minutes. Hill may also see some time cut at the three as we will likely do more three guard lineups. However, he could play more four evening out his minutes.

Chris Cucchiara: I would imagine Archie Goodwin would not get many minutes, Frazier will see a dip from 30+ minutes and Galloway will not see many nights of near 30 minutes. I would also imagine Buddy would stay around 18-20 minutes per night.

Theodore Danielson: Due to Holiday coming back, Tim Frazier seems to be in a position to have his minutes reduced. Prior to Holiday's announced leave of absence, Tim's role was to be an effective backup with substantial minutes. Now that Jrue is back, this will, in no shape or form, diminish Frazier's role on this team. He will still get some action with the starters. Tim will be a valuable bench player in charge of leading the second unit while also getting some solid minutes to work with Anthony Davis. Buddy Hield and Archie Goodwin will also lose minutes, but their roles were not exactly significant in the first place.

Jrue is back and we love it. It will allow for a successful starting lineup as well as a smoother transition from the starters to the second unit. All of the dominant NBA teams have a prized second unit that the team depends on. It is unfortunate that Frazier will no longer start at PG, but we knew this would happen when Jrue was to return. The Pelicans will now be depending on Frazier to lead the bench. Perhaps you could argue that his role is indeed being diminished, but I believe it is more of a role transition. He'll still be getting the minutes he deserves and he'll still be dishing dimes.

Jamile Dunn: This one is pretty easy. Tim Frazier. Win or lose (mostly lose) Frazier has provided the Pels excellent effort and much needed play making. Despite Frazier's play, Holiday comes back at just the right time. Teams are beginning to game plan for Frazier and the lack of other offensive weapons around Frazier has allowed opposing back courts to focus on stopping him. Consequently, we have seen a drop in his production over the last few games. Holiday's return will put Frazier in a role he is much more suited for which is backup point guard playing 10-20 minutes a night. I doubt Frazier will enjoy his new found free time as much as starting but in the end it will be better for Frazier and the team. In my opinion, Frazier is one of the better backup points in the league and going against second units primarily should give NOLA a boost in the offensive production of their second unit. This is important because that has really been the achilles heel of this team. It will be interesting to see what this means for Langston Galloway as his play has improved of late. If Galloway continues to play well New Orleans may end up with a plethora of options in the back court.

David Fisher: My hope is that Tim Frazier is given control of the second unit. His minutes diminish somewhat. Langston Galloway and Buddy Hield should see a more substantial drop-off or Gentry will need to get creative and play a lot of three guard lineups. With the reserves that could prove to be dynamic. I hope Hield’s playing time does not decline too much, he needs real NBA minutes to improve his craft. More three guard looks could actually mean that Alexis Ajinca suffers the biggest decline of anyone as Dante Cunningham plays more power forward and Solomon Hill returns (please make defense a priority) to the starting lineup. I want a Holiday-Moore-Hill-Davis-Asik starting lineup if injuries allow. Defense, defense, and more defense with Holiday and Davis carrying the load offensively.

Oleh Kosel: By the numbers, Buddy Hield should be the rotation casualty upon Holiday's return, but that makes no logical sense from the standpoint of development, so going in another direction is a must. Pending obvious match-ups of course, I'd like to see the Pelicans go smaller and make three guard lineups the newest experiment, especially with Tyreke Evans also nearing a return. That would mean both E'Twaun Moore and Hield would see some time at SF, forcing Dante Cunningham and Alexis Ajinca towards the end of the bench. Let Anthony Davis, Omer Asik, Solomon Hill and Terrence Jones handle most of the minutes at the 4 and 5.

Fernando Ritzman: I would think that the 2 guys who's minutes drop will be Frazier and Galloway. I think will come down to how well Galloway is shooting that particular day. I guess you could put buddy into this equation as well.

Brett David Roberts: Unfortunately, and it will absolutely pain me to see it: Tim Frazier. I really love Frazier’s game, but we have to be honest with ourselves: He was a band-aid. With Holiday back, Frazier will find himself playing 15-18 minutes a game, if he is lucky. While I would love the answer to be E’Twaun Moore, I just don’t think that will be the case. Moore is a proven scorer, and Frazier for all he can do scoring the ball is a true point guard.

Could Holiday and Frazier see time together?

Sure. And I think it would work. But that does not mean it will happen. After such a great end to last season and all the momentum in the world, Timmy Frazier is about to see his minutes vanish. It is a pity in some senses, but he cannot simply be cast away either in my opinion. Frazier provides valuable insurance behind Holiday who has not exhibited the greatest track record of health the last few seasons. The situation can be better addressed if Holiday gives the remainder of the season without any injury hitches.