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Anthony Davis and Buddy Hield are doing some very important bonding in China

A 10-day trip overseas could prove to lay the groundwork for a very fruitful, longterm relationship between two key New Orleans Pelicans.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Media Day Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans have often been criticized for not building around Anthony Davis correctly, pushing the idea that the once future superstar needed to grow up around those of the same age.

Buddy Hield may finally be able to put some of this talk to bed.

The Pelicans are currently in China on a 10-day trip, representing the NBA in support of their Global Games program. It should be a nice mix of pleasure and work for the team, but perhaps the most important outcome is returning home with some much needed chemistry. Once the games start to count, there will be at least six new faces that were not here on the final day of last season.

Following the loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, Davis talked briefly about the Pelicans upcoming trip overseas serving as a good opportunity for the team to form closer ties.

“It’s more so just trying to come together as a team. We’ve got 10 days over there, and we’re just going to try to bond, visit attractions that we may never see again. Whatever we do, we’re going to do together as a team. It makes you closer, so when you get on the floor, you trust everybody.”

It’s been just two days, but Davis and Hield have been recorded smiling, joking, even showing off their new bling earned from an NBA 2K win against the Houston Rockets. Listen in particular to how they rib one another in the clip below about each other’s turnovers from the video game.

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Then on the basketball floor, it’s been more of the same good natured fun.

These two players are beyond the point of just sharing the same roster. They’re having fun together and behaving very much like — dare I say it — good friends. That’s refreshing because it’s already become rather tiresome to read tidbits like this one from ESPN, Which East players are most likely to be traded this season?

So if a superstar demands a trade -- DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis might be strong candidates -- or a team decides to reboot, the Celtics will be there to offer what's probably the most enticing package.

Personally, I feel this is just lazy journalism, lumping together one of the best young players in the league who has consistently been surrounded by trade talk with another great player who has not. Yet, I guess it comes with the territory — a league stud having visited the postseason just once in the first four years of his career is grounds for seeking greener pastures.

Anthony Davis was born on March 11, 1993 and Buddy Hield on December 17, 1993. A little more than 9 months separates what could turn out to be the Pelicans most important duo for perhaps the next decade and keep the Brow firmly planted in New Orleans.

Now THAT would be sooo fresh, right Buddy?