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New Orleans Pelicans hopeful that Jrue Holiday could return as soon as mid-November

The great Zach Lowe drops some exciting intel on his podcast.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Sacramento Kings Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans might have some good news up their sleeve. Just one week ago Zach Lowe had Howard Beck on his podcast, the Lowe Post. The headline was the Golden State Warriors and a recent story Beck had written on the league’s response to Kevin Durant heading to Oakland appropriately titled, Operation: Stop the Warriors. (Go read it because like most everything Howard Beck writes it is great stuff.)

Later on in the podcast (roughly the 52 minute mark) the two dove into teams Beck felt were interesting this season. Beck brought up the Pelicans after discussing the Minnesota Timberwolves and Tom Thibodeau. Zach Lowe jumped in with the following response.

“I’m glad you brought up the Pelicans. Because, when we’re talking about playoff spots, playoff teams, who’s going to get seven or eight in the West. I’m a little low on Dallas, I’m low on Memphis. I’m looking at teams who might sneak in. We all kind of forgot about the Pelicans. Why not the Pelicans? If Anthony Davis is as good as everyone thought he was going to be including me last year, why not the Pelicans? If Jrue Holiday comes back in mid-November, which the team is kind of hopeful if his wife’s surgery goes well today. That’s a different story. If he decides to take even more time off and come back in the New Year then they’re out. I feel like we’ve sort of forgotten about the Pelicans and assume everything goes badly for them.”

A mid-November return could mean Jrue Holiday misses about 10 games total on the schedule. That would clearly be a best case scenario for both the Holiday family as Lauren Holiday recovers from both childbirth and brain surgery (it is impossible to overstate that), and the Pelicans organization. Lauren’s surgery was a success according to a recent tweet from the Holiday’s representation.

Lauren Holiday was able to undergo the surgery itself in an earlier timeframe than initially reported, just about four weeks after giving birth instead of six. If everything went as expected with the tumor removal, and she suffers no setbacks in the coming weeks, and both the doctors and the Holiday family feel comfortable, the Pelicans internal hopes could be realized — Jrue could return to the court far ahead of most original expectations. That is a lot of qualifying statements, as it should be when we’re discussing a woman undergoing brain surgery mere weeks after giving birth.

We here at The Bird Writes continue to keep the Holiday family in our thoughts and prayers, as all fans should, but just the idea of Jrue soon back in uniform is scintillating stuff.