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Alexis Ajinca’s family reveals recent miscarriage

We learn of more incredibly sad news to afflict the New Orleans Pelicans organization.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Dallas Mavericks Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

According to Courtney Ajinca, the wife of New Orleans Pelicans center Alexis Ajinca, the couple suffered a miscarriage this past June. In addition, her Instagram account made mention of the fact that she nearly lost her life.

First off, I must offer my deepest condolences for the couple’s loss. Having had relatives on both sides of the family suffer through miscarriages, I can somewhat understand the terrible grief.

That said, it is extremely satisfying to read that Courtney expressed hope in her message posted four days ago. She acknowledged the long road still ahead, but it sounds like she may have recently turned an important corner.

The couple has one son, Carter, who will turn two years of age later this month.

The Ajinca’s are involved in the local community, having created their own non-profit organization in New Orleans. Ajinca T.R.U. Home is dedicated to helping solve the large homeless epidemic in the city.

We actually have a non-profit organization called Ajinça T.R.U. Home. T.R.U. stands for Transforming, Restoring and Uplifting the Home. The Home refers to your physical, mental or spiritual home. We’re geared at helping homeless people be reintroduced into society. In New Orleans the homelessness situation is really bad. When we first moved we noticed so many people living under bridges. We initially would take blankets and food to them, but we wanted to be able to do something more permanent and consistent; so that’s were Ajinca T.R.U. Home started. Right now we’re looking helping with food drives and employment centers and the ultimate goal is to open a homeless shelter.

In a world with so much darkness we hope that we can shine some light; to show and remind people that goodness and good people still exist.

May the Ajinca family continue to find the rays of light leading them out of their darkness. God bless.