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NBA Trade Rumor: Pelicans reportedly gauging interest in Tyreke Evans

It appears teams are asking about Evans, not the other way around.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Tyreke Evans' name can now be added to the growing list of Pelicans swirling in trade rumors.

The big takeaway here is that New Orleans doesn't appear to be actively shopping him a la Eric Gordon. Rather, Evans' situation could be viewed similarly to Ryan Anderson where the interest is arising from other organizations. On multiple occasions, this franchise has downplayed all Anderson rumors stating they still view him as an important future piece.

As with Jrue Holiday, Evans was brought to the Crescent City by Dell Demps to be a part of the young core surrounding Anthony Davis. By all appearances, he has formed a tight relationship with the superstar, one that likely carries a lot of weight. Lastly, Evans has participated in team events including a Chalk Talk with the Pelicans general manager as recently as last March, signaling his future role.

The Pelicans have failed to meet expectations this season, and Demps alluded to the fact that he would look at multiple options to improve the team. However, he did add that the team would evaluate all current combinations of their personnel. If Demps is a believer in analytics, the Pelicans should be hesitant to break up a core of Davis-Evans-Holiday. The trio have performed at an elite level this season, rivaling some of the most prominent 3-man lineups in the league.

Additionally, Evans is in the midst of renaissance season. Despite his on-going knee issues, he has taken the proverbial next step by adding a much improved jumper to his arsenal. His three-point percentage stands at 38.8%, sitting just below Anderson but ahead of Holiday and Eric Gordon. He is currently the most lethal Pelican in spot-up situations, ranking in the 95th percentile of the league!

If Dell Demps is even going to listen to opposing general managers, trade offers need to start with another well-performing player, one that fits a team need. He will laugh at all salary dump proposals, as Evans is slated to make an extremely cap-friend 10 million in 2017, and he has remarked on multiple occasions he is only interested in instantly improving the team -- draft picks or young undeveloped talent are out as the core of any deal.

As is generally the case with underachieving teams, playoff-bound teams come calling before the trade deadline. Unless the Pelicans receive an overwhelmingly positive offer, which seems unlikely considering the constant tendinitis flare-ups, I fully expect Evans to finish the season in New Orleans.

Well put, Scott, well put.