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ESPN Mock Draft sends New Orleans Pelicans another guard in Jamal Murray

Really like the potential fit between Jamal Murray and Jrue Holiday.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford pumps out mock drafts like a wild man. We are already on Mock Draft 3.0 and it is only January. Despite some close losses and relatively uninspiring wins, the New Orleans Pelicans have failed their way down the draft board; thanks in large part to the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, and Minnesota Timberwolves all posting horrendous 1-9 records in their last ten games. That's some amazing tanking!

Oh, the Nets don't even own their own pick? Seriously? Do they need an explanation via Vox cards about the purpose of tanking?

Back to the Pelicans, who have slid down the draft from third to sixth despite doing things like losing to the Los Angeles Lakers. According to ESPN's Basketball Power Index the Pelicans are projected to finish with the seventh worst record in the league. Might the Pelicans find some talent in the middle of the lottery? Yes!

#7 Jamal Murray - Guard, Kentucky

The Pelicans continue to struggle with putting a real team around Anthony Davis. With Eric Gordon hitting free agency this coming summer, the Pelicans could use a guard who can create, shoot and finish at the rim. Murray might not be an elite athlete, but his high basketball IQ and scoring ability should lift some of the load off Davis.

If you haven't already, check out my piece on Murray from earlier this month. I really like this guy's potential in the NBA. Murray could really fit well beside Jrue Holiday in a dual point guard role to balance the creating responsibilities. High basketball IQ? SIGN ME UP!

Murray has scored at least 20 points in four consecutive games for the Kentucky Wildcats. He will be playing tonight on ESPN; unfortunately at the same time the Pelicans play the Detroit Pistons. Thankfully Murray will be on display again on Saturday on ESPN; this time at 3:00 PM central against Wade Baldwin (another potential lottery pick) and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Set your DVRs.