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Would pushing for the playoffs this season be the right move for the New Orleans Pelicans?

Time to tank? Playoff push? Or maybe hold off on that judgement for another month?

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Should the Pelicans be pushing for a playoff spot?

Kevin Barrios: This is a tough question to answer. The long view is probably to trade off assets and try to get a better draft pick and other future assets. However, I still believe that having a trio of Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday is enough to be a playoff team on its own. Landing an early lottery pick to add to that core would be wonderful, but I don't like the idea of losing on purpose to get one. That being said, I would do whatever I could to trade Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Omer Asik (if possible) to get assets back to build around for the future. I don't feel like this necessarily means tanking — as the aforementioned trio should be enough to make noise in the second half of the season and the playoffs are still in reach.

Isaac Constans: For what? To get swept by the Warriors? To get swept by the Spurs? There's no rush to win anymore as AD inked that huge new contract over the offseason. I say begin the roster reshaping, ridding yourself of the contracts of excess players who might take up massive cap but not be who you need going forward.

The only pushing the Pelicans should be doing is for a top three pick. Go for Simmons, baby. I'd settle for Ingram.

Chris Cucchiara: Depends on how you define "push". I do not think Demps should make any moves with the 2015-16 playoffs in mind. I also do not think they should sit AD or any other key pieces in order to tank. All of us here have lamented the fact that Jrue/AD/Tyreke have not played that many minutes together. I think they should continue to play these guys with next year in mind. That said, I do not think this team will be bad enough to get a top 5 pick unless some crazy luck is realized in the lottery. I just want them to play hard every night, let the lottery balls fall where they may and do not make any hasty front office decisions for this year.

Jay Dunn: Absolutely, all this lottery talk is fools gold. The most likely scenario is that they get a lottery pick in a position where they aren't gonna get a star. Then they'll have to wait 2-3 years for that guy to develop into a role player. All that said, it's kind of funny because fans keep talking as if the Pels can control whether they are a lottery team or not. So far it looks like they are just a bad team so the playoffs probably aren't a possibility under any circumstances. They have their star, try to win, problem is they suck sooooo......

David Fisher: Under no circumstances should the Pelicans actively tank (sit uninjured players or deliberately subvert competition) until the trade deadline. However, they also must avoid making a "now" move in place of a "future" move. Trading any of the significant players on the roster must maximize the return for the future. Why should the Pelicans turn down an offer of Rudy Gay for Ryan Anderson? Because somewhere in the league they should be searching for a return that involves more future than a 29 year old small forward who is a free agent in 2017.

Jonny Harvey: The Pelicans should absolutely try to push for a playoff spot. In terms of building a winning culture, a team can’t just tank a season and expect to just turn it around next season all willy-nilly. Build a winning culture Alvin, please.

Quentin Haynes: Yes, because this team is a team that needs to make the playoffs.

No, absolutely not, and I don’t know why we’re doing this. The Pelicans are bad at basketball and that’s fine. They some fundamental issues that needs to be addressed this offseason. Some on the court, some off of it. I don’t see the value of making the playoffs and getting the doors blown off of them for four games against San Antonio or Golden State and ending up with the 14th pick, rather than taking a 27-55 season, addressing the issues, letting some of the players on this roster go and ending up with the 5th or 6th pick.

Oleh Kosel: Yes, the Pelicans should push for the playoffs, but only to the point of not sacrificing the long-term (i.e. significantly curtailing future cap space for non-stars and trading away all valuable draft picks). A lot can and should be accomplished before the start of next season. Competing during the second half of 2016 is important for player and team development. It will also help further evaluate the shape of the future roster as well as possibly unlock the potential, if any exists, of Gentry's coaching staff.

Owen Sanborn: No. No. No. I mean, why? I guess if I am Dell Demps, I would want to push for the playoffs in order to keep my job, but otherwise I am breaking down the ship and tanking this baby all the way home. Trade Anderson. Trade Reke. Trade Gordon. Best case scenario with the roster as currently constructed is that we sneak into the eight spot and get swept by Golden State again. Is that really a worthwhile pursuit? Doesn't the ten second pipe dream of having Ben Simmons and Anthony Davis on the same roster sound much, much more appealing?