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Dell Demps Speaks Out

A synopsis of what Dell Demps had to say about the Pelicans on the Black & Blue Report

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Last time we heard about Dell Demps, he was trouncing around Europe. Today, Dell finally broke his media silence with an interview on the Black & Blue Report. As a point of order, you should know that this sports program is a radio styled podcast about the Saints and Pelicans and is, from my understanding, part of the Benson media machine.

Dell Demps overall tone for the podcast was that he was "disappointed" with how the Pelicans season has gone but remains "committed" to making the Pelicans a successful organization. If you want, you can listen to the what Dell Demps had to say by clicking here. (Dell Demps starts speaking around the 13 minute mark). Below, is just a brief synposis of the important quotes from Dell.

When asked about the Pelicans overall effort, Dell Demps had this to say:

Guys sometimes have to sacrifice and do the extra and do the things that are more the dirty blue collar stuff to help us get over the top. I think the guys are trying . . . they are putting in the effort. It's just finding the ability to putting into the effort consistently every night, every play.

Asked what the short and long term team needs are, Dell Demps responded:

We have to do what makes sense. We can't just make a trade to make a trade. We can't just get rid of a guy and bring back, you know, lesser talent. We are looking right now [externally], but you gotta be smart . . . At the same time we are also going to look internally . . . see if we can find the right combination of guys out there on the floor.

On the subject of the Pelicans core players, Dell Demps gave the most honest and shocking answer of the day:

. . . we are not pleased . . . we are looking at any and everything.

After that last question, the interview kind of just goes into cruise control. They talk about looking for more help at the strong forward position, how players are now keying on Anthony Davis, and how expiring contracts are not as valuable as they once were. Pretty much stuff that most Pelicans fans already know.

Dell Demps goes on to say that he is "completely happy with the coaching staff", and thinks they are "doing the best they can".

Dell concludes the interview by reassuring fans:

We are getting closer to healthy . . . we are going to do everything we can to still make a push. We haven't given up.

Final Take

The entire interview kind of sounded like a Dell Demps' State of the Union address. He sounded honest at times, and pretty rehearsed at others, especially when he talked about this team getting healthier.

Overall, I wouldn't try to read much into the interview besides Dell Demps is looking for a trade and is unhappy with the core players on this team. Is Dell Demps still trying to make the playoffs? Probably. Should we blame him for that? Absolutely not. If your job was potentially on the line, you would be trying to make the playoffs too.