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NBA Trade Scenario: Ryan Anderson to Toronto Raptors for future assets

He has to get moved at some point, right? RIGHT?

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{This is Owen's first contribution to The Bird Writes. Welcome him to the team!}

Ryan Anderson is leading the league in bench scoring and can space the floor in ways that would make Channing Frye blush. David Fisher as well as others on this site have tried their best to find a potential deal for the impending free agent this summer. But as Fisher outlined in his piece, the amount of suitors out there "buying" on the trade market are few and far between.

Normally, January is the time of year where fans go crazy on the Trade Machine while actual trades are simultaneously taking place throughout the Association. Nowadays, only the former is occurring. Since I regard myself as one of those crazy fans whose mind is consumed with fake trades (do not mess with me in a NBA 2k Franchise), I decided I would take my best shot at a potential and REALISTIC trade involving Anderson because dammit do I not want the New Orleans Pelicans to be the ones who get stuck paying him about $18 million a year.

Here goes nothing.

Pelicans Send Anderson to Toronto for Patterson, Caboclo and the Raptors' 2016 1st Rounder (via New York Knicks)

I apologize for the lack of a sexy return, but I am just trying to be practical here. We are trying to negotiate with Masai Ujiri after all.

Why Toronto Does It

The Raptors are an ideal fit for Anderson due to their litany of young assets who do not get enough run because they are too good (I am looking at you, Bruno Caboclo) and desire to assert themselves as more than just first round flameouts. Toronto's two stars (Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan) are in their respective primes and the latter is a Compton kid who is going to be heavily courted by the Los Angeles Lakers next summer.

In other words... The time is now for the Raptors.

In Zach Lowe's Tuesday column about Toronto, he dropped an interesting nugget from Ujiri in regards to managing the extra first round picks that he currently has at his disposal:

"We already have so many young players," Ujiri said. "And those extra picks over the next two years -- we can't use all those picks. So [a trade] is always something you're looking at."

Lowe isn't the only insider around the league reporting on that kind of noise.

Ujiri is a renowned negotiator and traditionally refrains from dealing first round picks, but read between the lines and it seems like he is scoping out a move to enhance his chances to become the team that eventually loses in the Eastern Conference finals to the Cavaliers. (I say that lovingly.)

Also, Anderson spotting up around the arc in unison with countless DeRozan and Lowry drive and kicks sounds like sweet basketball music to me. Sure, the front court pairing of Anderson and Jonas Valanciunas could be tragic defensively, but that's nothing a little more Bismack Biyombo couldn't fix.

Why New Orleans Does It

The thought of getting a first rounder (even if it's only the Raptors' own 2016 pick), Patrick Patterson, a capable stretch four and lottery ticket wing (Cabolco) for Anderson is too good to pass up at this point. With the team this far under the .500 mark, it may be time for the front office to pivot and begin assembling as many assets as possible.

If I were Dell Demps, I would dwelve into my inner Sam Hinkie and make an emotionless trade to acquire more young assets.

People forget that Anderson was regarded as a question mark heading into the season because of his recent injury history and shooting slump during last year's campaign. Flipping him for two future assets is good business for both parties involved.

Additionally, according to "Hollinger's Analysis," this trade would decrease the Pelicans' projected win total by five wins! That directly correlates with the #TankFlight initiative that many are trying to push here at The Bird Writes.

This trade can be rationalized as a feasible solution to the Ryan Anderson era in New Orleans. If Demps is trying to get more than that, I worry that Anderson may never get moved and eventually leaves for nothing.