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Two for One: Pelicans Lose to the Other L.A. Team

With award season upon us, the Pelicans' performance was Razzie-worthy

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Where to begin, where to begin with this one...I'm not even trying to write a narrative, I'm more muttering to myself as I type this. I'm honestly so confused right now I feel like I need to be entered into the NFL's concussion protocol.

The Pelicans lost to the Lakers. Let's establish that. New Orleans, owners of the fourth-worst record in the NBA, just lost to Los Angeles who has the second-worst record. LA's one of three teams in the league I think all Pelican fans, media members, players, coaches and executives could all agree on that the Los Angeles Lakers should be a team New Orleans can defeat. Even playing on the road and without Anthony Davis, New Orleans should be able to beat the Lakers. But they didn't. New Orleans led for roughly 46 minutes of game time and had a double digit lead at times and still lost.

Losing to this Laker team is like losing to the Bad News Bears, Little Giants and the little alien fellas before they stole Charles Barkley and company's talent. It's incredible. Even the Hindenburg didn't blow up as badly as this New Orleans team has.

Looking at the box score, you'll find that the only reason Los Angeles was in this game was because of free throws. New Orleans shot better from the floor and from three and had more rebounds, assists, blocks, points in the paint and fast break points. I mean...what else can a team do and not win a game? Los Angeles had 18 more free throw attempts (32 to 14) and 16 more makes (25 to 9). Los Angeles nearly had triple the amount of free throws than New Orleans did and that was enough for an eight-win team to "upset" an 11-win team.

I'd really like to elaborate more on the game and the state of the franchise itself but both are so terrible there's just no point. There's 45 more games remaining in this mess of a season and I think just about everyone involved is ready for it to be over with.

Are we having fun yet?