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Pelicans remain low in the Power Rankings and really should begin the process for the future soon

Please start tearing this roster down.

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Three straight losses. That's how the New Orleans Pelicans reacted after climbing within three games of eighth in the standings and sliding up to 11th in the Western Conference. Two of those losses were to teams on the second night of a back-to-back. One of those teams, the Dallas Mavericks, rested 80% of their starting lineup. The other game went to overtime before the Los Angeles Clippers gritted out a win despite having one of the oldest lineups in the league.

Oh, and Anthony Davis is also hurt again. This time a dive into the stands handed him a bruised back which held him out of Sunday's contest against the Clippers. The injury list for AD is long with a wide assortment of little nicks and dings. Nothing ever too serious and rarely a reoccurring injury. Just bumps and bruises everywhere.

Power rankers were generous and did not slide the Pelicans down very far. That New Orleans was competitive against both the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Clippers probably played a part.

Last Week: 22 - This Week: 23

The league's easiest January schedule kicks in now (eight of their next 10 opponents are under .500), but the Pelicans aren't playing like they're ready to take advantage of it. They lost at home to a Mavs team that rested four starters on Wednesday and to a Pacers team that committed 21 live-ball turnovers on Friday. They played the Clippers tough without Anthony Davis on Sunday, but didn't have enough perimeter shooting.


Last Week: 23 - This Week:

Losing at home to the Mavs' second string, followed by another setback for Anthony Davis, extinguished any momentum New Orleans hoped to build after winning in Dallas in its first game of the new year. The schedule has done them no favors and will get easier, but it's realistically too late to keep fantasizing about the playoffs. Even in this jacked-up West.

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Last Week: 23 - This Week: 25

Anthony Davis’s injury history got a little longer, with a bruised back from diving into the stands marking the latest ailment of his four-year career. The Pelicans need him back quickly as they hit what could be a forgiving few weeks of games.

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Last Week: 23 - This Week: 26

Alvin Gentry said on a podcast right after New Year's that the past was in the past and they were starting fresh in 2016, and that he still believed the roster had the pieces to make a run for a playoff spot. They beat the Mavericks, which was like when you go to the gym on January 1. Then they lost three straight which was like eating those three tubs of ice cream the next five days.