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New Orleans Pelicans media day 2015: Open thread and updates

Before hopping on a plane for West Virginia the Pelicans have a chat with the media.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp begins on Tuesday for the New Orleans Pelicans. Before they can fly off to the Greenbrier and a resort vacation training camp they must sit down with the local media. On the scene this year for The Bird Writes our own editor Oleh Kosel will be peppering the players with the toughest questions.

Nailing down the main story of this training camp is rather difficult. Alvin Gentry taking the reins at head coach after five seasons under Monty Williams is sure to turn heads. A number of people who cover the Pelicans, myself and Oleh included, are just as intrigued by the arrival of associate head coach (and defensive coordinator) Darren Erman.

Lately, however, the focus has been on Jrue Holiday's stress fracture and management. Gentry said last week Holiday would be limited to 15 minutes a game and that has seized the attention of basketball fans in the Crescent City. Combine that news with reports of the $3 million fine paid by the Philadelphia 76ers and it is just short of a soap opera plot to some.

Follow along as both Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry will speak to the media. After that the players will be made available.