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Quincy Pondexter's rehabilitation continues to go slowly and could cause him to miss time

Are we at the stage yet that this may be serious cause for concern?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, Quincy Pondexter joined Joel Meyers and Vinny Del Negro on SiriusXM NBA Radio to give an update on his knee, talk about Anthony Davis and discuss the Pelicans immediate potential.

Q-Pon described his knee rehabilitation as moving "slow but it's coming along really well." He would go on to add, "I hope to not miss much time if any time at all."

There remains 45 days until opening night when the Pelicans face the Golden State Warriors on October 27th. With Pondexter sitting on the sidelines during recent voluntary workouts in Los Angeles last month, there seems to be a strong possibility he will at least miss training camp.

Both Pondexter and Tyreke Evans underwent arthroscopic knee surgery last May, yet Evans bounced back months ago. Typically, the recovery time for this type of procedure is 4-6 weeks so it has to be at least mildly disconcerting that Q-Pon is still hampered by his knee nearly 4 months after his surgery.

In happier news, Pondexter stated that Davis is nowhere near his ceiling yet.

Man, Anthony Davis is the real deal. The thing about Anthony is he still has so much potential to go. You know, I think about the 25-30% better he could get. That's kind of scary cause he's already one of the top players in the NBA if not the best.

Next season, Q-Pon doesn't believe the Pelicans will be able to sneak up on other teams, rather they're going to have a bit of a target on their backs. However, that's fine because although the team played well down the stretch, they didn't play much together. Quincy alluded to the fact that he probably spent a grand total of 30 minutes with Jrue Holiday on the court.