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No, seriously, Anthony Davis can slam home a celestial object through a basketball hoop

Red Bull's latest campaign involving Davis was ambitious, but man did they ever pull it off.

Paul Yoffe/Red Bull

For the last three years, we've learned there isn't much Anthony Davis can't do on an NBA basketball court. So apparently, he decided to test his mettle against other objects within our solar system, namely the sun.

Dustin Snipes, a photographer who was approached by Red Bull, was able to brilliantly capture Davis in a variety of shots on an outdoor basketball court. Most of them had AD flying through the air and seemingly holding the blazing sun while on his way to the rim.

Please, if you haven't already, visit the story link at Red Bull RIGHT NOW. Also, if you'd like to find out exactly how Dustin was able to capture the moments perfectly, read his personal account of the shoot HERE. Then, be sure to keep the Kleenex handy to wipe away the drool from your mouth while examining the pictures or watching the accompanying Youtube video.

Below are some additional pictures supplied by Paul Yoffe of Red Bull.

Whoever came up with the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words must have had a premonition of a uni-browed God walking the earth someday.