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Kendrick Perkins: Anthony Davis has a lot of Kevin Garnett in his game, a lot of Kevin Durant in his personality

Perkins is ready to pass along his veteran knowledge to the New Orleans Pelicans and most of it revolves around his toughness and professionalism.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the Black and Blue Report published an interview with Kendrick Perkins. Although he has only been around his new teammates for several days, it sounded like he already has a good idea of his role with the squad and how he thinks he can best help the young Pelicans this upcoming season.

Sean Kelley started the interview stating the obvious by individuals who only know and view Perkins from afar.

Kelley: "Everybody I've talked to about you says you're a great locker room guy, a fun interview and a terror on the floor. Are they right?"

Perkins: "That sums it up a little bit. I just try to be me. I lot of people who don't know me don't know the other side of me. They just get a frowned up Perk on the court who they don't like until they meet me."

Kelley: "I got to admit, as the opposing radio guy during your whole career, I've always said man that guy drives me nuts!"

Perkins:  "You know what, if I'm doing that to you, I'm doing my job."

Perkins said he chose the Pelicans because of the team's young talent. He saw a role available for a veteran guy to teach most of the players about a variety of important things including how they should be taking take of their bodies, about being responsible on the road and generally staying focused. It really helped Perkins that he reached out to Dell Demps and he reciprocated -- he felt wanted in New Orleans.

Perk believes he still has something left in the tank and still desires to get better everyday. However, he did admit that his first assignment will be to bring a nastiness on the court. At the end of the day, though, he wants to be known as a great teammate.

Next, Sean Kelley asked him about how opponents view the Pelicans.

"When you watched them, you looked at every position and saw they had a nice core. Young guys good at every position, almost like a raw talent. They needed just a couple of teaching points and professionalism. They had some of that because of their willingness to work hard, but they needed a leader. A leader is not always the best player on a team, but on the vocal side. Lead by example."

Perkins was then asked to describe Anthony Davis and his game. He made an interesting but seemingly a factually correct assessment.

"To be honest, with his basketball game he got a lot of KG (Kevin Garnett) in him. His personality has got a lot of Kevin Durant in him. It's different."

As far as what Perkins did this off-season? It took him a few moments to remember, but when he did, it was instantly a classic. Perkins recanted how he went to Paris and he hadn't even been there for 2 hours before he discovered his bags were stolen!

Kendrick Perkins may not fill an important role on the court during regular season games, but we should assume it will not hamper his abilities to be a good teammate off of it. The young core of New Orleans could certainly stand to learn a lot from a playoff battle-tested Perk who has encountered a lot of criticism over the course of his career.

From a personal note, it is fascinating that the Pelicans now have an outspoken player within the locker room, ready to speak honestly and from the heart with the media at any point during the season. Today's quote regarding Anthony Davis confirms it.