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Corey Webster impresses Pelicans, earns a training camp invite

Another partially guaranteed contract has been handed out by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Apparently, Corey Webster has impressed the Pelicans enough during his tryout over this past week that he's been extended an invite to training camp starting September 29th. He was rewarded with a partially guaranteed contract, yet he's well aware more work lies ahead.

"I am not there yet but this is another positive step towards my dream of playing in the NBA. The past week has gone well and the coaches have been impressed enough by the workouts to want me to stay for the training camp on a non-guaranteed contract."

"It is again up to me now to prove my value to the organization, to put my head down and give it my best shot at training camp. I came here this week with a three day window to impress, this has bought me more time and a chance to take the jump into the actual NBA roster."

However, he's definitely going to help his chances by remaining in New Orleans instead of returning back to New Zealand. Working with the coaching staff for over the next two weeks should help him hit the ground running when the Pelicans travel to the Greenbrier at month's end.

With the camp taking place from September 29 to October 2, Webster will not return in the interim, instead staying to continue to work out with Pelicans coaching and support staff to ensure he is as ready as he can be to chase a shooting guard contract on the NBA roster with the New Orleans franchise.

Currently, the Pelicans have 12 players signed to contracts for next season. Assuming Norris Cole is eventually signed, that would leave only two more available roster spots. If Jeff Adrien is kept, Webster will be in direct competition with Sean Kilpatrick and Bryce Dejean-Jones. Conceivably, whichever player shoots the best over the course of three days in West Virginia could earn the right to remain with the Pelicans through the exhibition period and then see the start of the 2015-16 season.

For more background information on Corey Webster, please refer to his review from last week.