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Anthony Davis is the NBA's best bargain for one more season

How deep are the Pelicans at power forward? Extremely so.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So far this week we've looked at how the New Orleans Pelicans expenditures compare to the league in the backcourt. Moving to the Pelicans strongest single position, power forward, we cannot find a Pel on the list. Do not get used to this situation; next season Anthony Davis goes from a rookie scale bargain to a more appropriate Rose Rule extension. In fact, Davis could be the highest paid power forward in the NBA next year.

Ryan Anderson barely misses inclusion on this list, I only included players making $9 million or more on my chart. Anderson, like Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday, ranks higher according to than his salary. Anderson's salary places him outside the top 80 while Sports Illustrated ranked the Flamethrower 72nd.

Position 2015-2016
Chris Bosh PF $22,192,730
Kevin Love PF $19,689,000
LaMarcus Aldridge PF $19,689,000
Blake Griffin PF $18,907,725
Paul Millsap PF $18,671,659
Tristan Thompson PF ???
David Lee PF $15,493,680
Draymond Green PF $14,260,870
Nene PF $13,000,000
Serge Ibaka PF $12,250,000
Derrick Favors PF $12,000,000
Amir Johnson PF $12,000,000
Derrick Favors PF $12,000,000
Kenneth Faried PF $11,235,955
Thaddeus Young PF $11,235,955
Zach Randolph PF $9,638,555

All from Basketball Insiders. Note that ESPN's salaries list has a number of omissions.

Tristan Thompson remains a free agent and could sign for as much as $16.4 million this season. Negotiations between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Thompson's agent Rich Paul (also agent for Pelicans restricted free agent Norris Cole) could drag on to the beginning of training camp. Every dollar the Cavs give Thompson will cost triple (or more?) in luxury tax payments.

For one more season the Pelicans will enjoy a massive advantage as AD's production vastly outweighs his cost. Next season his salary will be much closer to his talents and the Pelicans must find other areas to gain surplus value.