Ryan Anderson is in the best shape of his life


About this time of the year, there are often plenty of blurbs going around about NBA players being in the best shape of their lives. However, considering today's news concerns Ryan Anderson, the New Orleans Pelicans player who had suffered a devastating spinal injury close to two years ago, this information is way more important than the usual standard good public relations spin. Coming off the most disappointing season of his career, Anderson's timing couldn't be any more perfect as he's entering a contract year and will play in Alvin Gentry's stat-inducing system.

"He’s been so into it this summer," Sumerlin said of Anderson’s dedication. "He’s excited. He’s been consistent and has the right mindset. It’s the way he’s working out. I showed him HITS, which is high-intensity training. You don’t just do one set and catch your breath. You constantly go through different stations, kind of like CrossFit. His heart rate is constantly up. He’s really thin."