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Jrue Holiday looking strong in recent workouts

Holiday's troublesome tibia doesn't appear to be an issue considering the advanced stage of his lower body exercises.

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tyreke Evans has documented his weight loss program oft this summer. It has been reported that Eric Gordon has also dropped plenty of pounds in preparation for next season. Even Ryan Anderson appears to be toning down his body well as indicated by his Instagram account.

On the other end of the spectrum, Omer Asik is having back issues. However, there has been almost nothing on the most questionable Pelican in everyone's mind, Jrue Holiday.

Until now.

Jrue has been working out with his brother, Justin Holiday, at The Factory in the San Fernando Valley. They claim to utilize the best of sports science in their programs to maximize performance and speed training results.

Jrue has worked under the guidance of Mike Guevara for the last four years. He is the Director of Performance who is also known for working with Victoria Azarenka, a tennis player who climbed to the top of the women's rankings while under his tutelage.

Currently, it appears Jrue is in the more advanced stages of his training regiment. Have a look at him working on pistol squats below.

A video posted by Justin Holiday (@justholla7) on

This type of squat trains balance, mobility and strength all within the same exercise. It has been said this advanced calisthenic is wonderful for not only building stronger legs but also eradicating any imbalances between the two sides of the body.

Below is another exercise that appears primary focused on working the lower body. Notice how much better Jrue's range of motion (not to mention the muscularity of his legs) is compared to that of his brother.

A video posted by Justin Holiday (@justholla7) on

Hey, it's not all work and no play. Get a load of the dance moves while sitting/laying on the ground!

A video posted by Justin Holiday (@justholla7) on

Thanks to Instagram, we are aware that Jrue Holiday is having no problems with weight bearing exercise on his right leg. He had a screw removed from his right tibia on May 6th, so it's promising news he has made this type of progress in less than 3 months. Consequently, we now don't have to hope as much that he'll be ready at the start of training camp. (And yes, I knocked on some wood.)