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Bird Feed: New Orleans Pelicans week in review

The doldrums of summer have arrived. What might you have missed last week?

David Ramos/Getty Images

August is the slowest month for NBA news; however, that doesn't mean it completely lacks for news. The schedule should be released sometime in the next week. Of course, that means that leaks have begun on what the schedule will include. The two biggest days of the NBA calendar, opening night and Christmas Day, are reportedly both going to include the New Orleans Pelicans.

Amin Elhassan has Pelicans in his top five: On the True Hoop Podcast Elhassan, a former Phoenix Suns executive, picked the Pelicans as one of the top five teams in the NBA. Co-host Ethan Sherwood Strauss was not sold whatsoever on the pick. Strauss, of course, was the only ESPN expert to pick the Golden State Warriors as the 2015 champions.

Norris Cole is drawing interest from Philadelphia and New York: Do the Sixers have cap space? Of course. Does it make sense for them to spend it on Cole? Our friends at Liberty Ballers say it makes no sense. As for the Knicks, they can only offer the minimum, so they're not much of a threat.

Pelicans traveling to South Beach for Christmas: Big news, the Pels will play the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. This is the first game on Christmas for New Orleans since 2008. The uniforms Anthony Davis and company will wear are absolutely gorgeous.

Opening Night in Oracle Arena: The Golden State Warriors will be raising a championship banner and handing out rings. Thankfully Alvin Gentry will be on hand to receive his as the Pelicans will begin the season on the road in Oakland.

Dell Demps makes a contract offer to Jason Terry: The Pelicans are looking at the 16-year vet and could possibly offer the Bi-Annual Exception to outbid the Houston Rockets. Some might see this as effecting Cole; I do not. Terry is a big upgrade over unproven NBA players like Seth Curry or Larry Drew II. Since the salary cap is about to explode, the Pelicans will be a cap space team next summer; the Bi-Annual Exception would evaporate as unused this season.

Anthony Davis going to Team USA Camp this week: Team USA is holding a training camp of sorts this week, culminating in an All-Star Game like exhibition on August 13th. Davis, a gold medal winner on the 2012 Olympic Team and 2014 FIBA World Cup team, will be attending.

Zach Lowe has Anthony Davis as his early MVP: In this week's edition of the Lowe Post both Lowe and Elhassan discussed a wide range of topics. Elhassan again picked the Pelicans as the team in the Western Conference he is most excited to see, noting that New Orleans underachieved defensively and the upgrades throughout the coaching staff (Gentry, Darren Erman, Phil Weber, and Robert Pack) will be able to better maximize the talent on the roster. Zach Lowe followed that up by saying AD will win the MVP.