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The New Orleans Pelicans did not want Jimmer Fredette to return

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Shocker I know, but Jimmermania is moving on and will next get a chance with the San Antonio Spurs.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Per Marc Stein yesterday, Jimmer Fredette is leaving New Orleans after just one season.

About half an hour later, Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned the New Orleans front office had no intentions of re-signing Jimmer.

For anyone who followed the Pelicans closely enough, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Jimmer had morphed into a shooter who couldn't shoot. From Matty's review:

Let's get straight to the point: Jimmer's shooting killed all chances of being a larger part of the rotation. His perimeter shot failed to drop consistently (18.8 3FG%), and when your biggest strength is your shooting ability, that is a major red flag. I stated it was a small sample size, but when the lulls last all season, a coach will not continue to throw you out there.

It's kind of a shame that fans didn't get treated to even a small sample of the prolific scorer that had graduated from Brigham Young University. It was admirable to the point of suffocating that he still had so many fans that believe in him and his abilities if only he were to get a legitimate chance.

I guess I'm not quite sure what that means considering he's moving onto his fourth team in 5 seasons, but if any team can coax something of value out of Fredette, it will likely be the San Antonio Spurs.

We wish Jimmer the best of luck in his future endeavors. Although he may have come up empty on the court in the Smoothie King Center, he should be applauded for all the charitable work he continues to do as well as positively touch so many lives.