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2015 NBA Free Agency Open Thread

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Let's get on it!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Just two hours remain until the beginning of NBA Free Agency. Barring a shocking development, the New Orleans Pelicans will be operating as a team above the salary cap. This will allow them to retain their own free agents while using the Mid-Level Exception and Bi-Annual Exception to bring in a few other contributors. Click here for an explanation of the options available to Dell Demps. Information on each Pelican free agent, along with the maximum the Pels can offer, can be found in this article.

Messages out of the Pelicans camp so far have been to keep expectations low. The draft was nothing at all; the front office sold their only pick for $600k. Comments from both head coach Alvin Gentry and General Manager Dell Demps continue to predict a relatively quiet off season in New Orleans. Most of the core is expected to be back, including unrestricted free agent Omer Asik.

Of course, there is one bit of information that would be the most welcomed of all. Anthony Davis could, at any moment after 11:01 PM Central, agree to a maximum extension to keep him in the Crescent City through 2021.

So here we go. What are your expectations? Which player (or franchise) do you think is about to make a great or terrible decision? Have breaking news? Let's see it in the comments!