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Roundtable: Asides Anthony Davis, whose career is likely to blossom under Alvin Gentry?

Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon or someone else?

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Oleh Kosel: Jrue Holiday. Since Holiday's arrival in New Orleans, I've been waiting for him to knock on the door of the upper echelon of players in the NBA. Thanks to injury, he's been derailed two years in a row, but there has been incremental improvement.

If Holiday can stay healthy (as removing the screw from his leg does the trick), he has a chance to post a very special season (think All-Star type of numbers) with Alvin Gentry now standing on the sidelines. Jrue possesses the best all-around game among the Pelicans backcourt and he will be the team's starting point guard, so not only will he have the easiest time transitioning to the fast pace, he'll also have the keys to the high revving engine more than anyone else.

David Fisher: Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon are going to have a field day. I think we are going to see that Holiday's game is well suited to an uptempo rhythm and Gentry will put him in positions to be successful. Movement away from the ball action will make it more difficult for defenses to sit on AD dives to the rim, there will be a lot more easy baskets for the taking. Gordon is going to make it rain. There will be more open 3-pointers than he could have ever imagined; and remember that when Gordon said his heart was in Phoenix, Gentry was the coach.

Kevin Barrios: Really I think all three guards will benefit, but Gordon and Evans will benefit the most as they were the most improperly used. I can see Gentry using Eric Gordon like Ray Allen. We will see Eric constantly moving off of the ball and running around screens getting himself free for catch and shoot opportunities.

As for Evans, he'll be sent on a lot of cuts to the basket off of the ball so that he'll catch the ball in-stride allowing him to not have to think so much once he has possession. I also think Gentry will do wonders for Evans' shooting stroke. He'll also be allowed to fly up the court when he collects a defensive rebound without having to check with his coach to see if he should slow down. I also envision plays drawn for Tyreke to penetrate with two bigs following from different angles for either double pocket pass options, a layup, an alley-oop or a put-back.

Nico Bagio: Eric Gordon will probably excel the most. I can see Gordon being used much in the same way as Jason Richardson (remember him?), Klay Thompson and J.J. Redick were used in PHX, GSW and LAC. That means tons of flare screens and weakside misdirections (hammer sets please) with opportunities to receive the ball on the move for straight line drives to the rim. Gordon will be thankful Demps hired Gentry and sign with us for a discount when it's time to fetch his 3rd contract.

Chris Cucchiara: I will go off the board and say Ryan Anderson.  I have been critical of Anderson, but I do think that he will finally be healthy and will be absolutely lethal in Gentry’s offense.

Peyton Fine: Jrue Holiday, as sixth man of the year. Hear me out on this wild dream. I don't think Holiday is Gentry's type of point guard, just a gut feeling. He is not a great passer in the open court, he is a little higher usage compared to Gentry's former point guards, and he struggles at times with his handle. I personally think Gentry and Demps will do all in their power to find a new point guard who is pass first and makes great decisions in the open floor.  (Yes, I want Goran Dragic, and I think Gentry and Demps do too.)

If we acquire Dragic, one of the three guards has to go. Gentry may be an offensive mastermind, but not even he could make that puzzle work. Evans is the most trade-able of the guards, so he goes. Gordon will start alongside Dragic, making Holiday the sixth-man. Holiday may not be great in the categories that Gentry is looking for in his starting point guards, but he is an elite defender and a very good pick and roll point guard over his career. Can you imagine what he would do offensively against some inferior guards? He would not have to worry about his handle as much, and teams would have to prepare for a whole new offense when Holiday is in the game instead of Dragic. Holiday gets his 15 points each night and is the lock down perimeter defender at the end of the games, while also serving as the secondary ball handler.

If this scenario happens, I could see Holiday being a little like Jamal Crawford in his offensive heyday with Atlanta.  Couple the offense with the defense, and we have our sixth man of the year. Also, the reduced minutes could reduce the wear and tear on Jrue's legs, and could stay healthy all year.

A man can dream. You can return to the real world.

Kyle Gahagan: The player who will prosper the most besides AD will be Eric Gordon, and really any of the guards that have a 3-pt game in their arsenal. Gentry's Suns teams were a run and gun style of offense, and if our shooters are able to setup in time while Jrue/AD/Tyreke are sprinting to the basket, there may be a raining down of 3's in the near future. Anderson's stats should jump, as should Pondexter's, but Eric Gordon is my candidate for "most likely to prosper 2nd most behind Anthony Davis."

Quentin Haynes: Jrue Holiday. Working with Steve Nash AND Stephen Curry, I would like to see how Gentry can help a player like Holiday, who has the tools to be a top 7 point guard, take that leap in his career. Holiday is a good distributor, defender, and three point shooter. However, I think working on him to be a tad more aggressive, getting to the line a tad more, would be great and give the Pelicans a guy to work with Davis for the future.

Matty Robinson: I think Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon will thrive in a faster paced offensive system. Jrue will have to push the ball up the floor, and with his great vision and strong body for a guard, an aggressive role will open up his game and allow him to flourish. Gordon is likely going to get a look at more 3's a game and with Holiday/Davis/Evans putting so much pressure on defenses, his deadly catch and shoot jumper will have an obscene amount of wide open attempts.