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New Orleans Pelicans sell draft rights to Branden Dawson to Clippers

Dell Demps really hates the draft

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dell Demps has no time for your draft. The New Orleans Pelicans general manager is bound and determined to fail to field a summer league team altogether. Instead of keeping Branden Dawson around his rights were sold immediately to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The probability of Dawson being a difference maker this season was negligible at best. Instead the Pelicans turned that pick into cold hard cash. Might that money be used in negotiations for undrafted free agents? Who knows. The NBA isn't a place where diamonds in the rough who failed to get drafted happen often. There simply are not enough roster spots to make those rags-to-riches stories a frequent occurrence.

[EDIT: We now know an approximate amount the Pelicans received for the 56th pick]

Now we can turn our full attention to free agency, which begins in less than a week on July 1st. Aren't you glad you stayed up for this one?