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New Orleans Pelicans select Branden Dawson with 56th pick

Oleh hits it out of the park!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

During the commercial break the New Orleans Pelicans selected Michigan State power forward Branden Dawson with the 56th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Oleh was quite high on Dawson as a potential Pelican and had this to say a couple weeks ago.

Although Dawson never displayed an outside shot at Michigan State, there are rumors he can shoot and avoided the perimeter during college. Sure enough, have a look at a recent workout with the Charlotte Hornets. A little more than halfway through the video, he nailed 4 out of 6 three point attempts.

Even if he never develops into the next Draymond Green, Dawson would still have value. Guess which player he compares to well in Layne Vashro's NCAA Player Comparison Tool?

Dante Cunningham.

Yep, if Demps doesn't think re-signing DC is possible or a smart business decision, he could immediately replace him in the upcoming draft and yet still be looking at possibly much more down the road. Remember, PJ Tucker didn't flash a perimeter shot until after he had entered the NBA.