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2015 NBA Trade Rumors: An Eric Gordon for Jeff Green proposal

New Orleans would receive a package that includes Jeff Green, perhaps the missing small forward Pelican fans have waited for years.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Per Cam Rose of 730 AM out of Memphis, a reported Grizzlies insider:

Well, well, well. Just days ago, it was rumored that the Dallas Mavericks would look to trade Monta Ellis if he had decided to opt-in the final year of his contract. To myself, I wondered whether Dell Demps possessed the audacity to do something similar.

Close to two weeks ago, I postulated that Eric Gordon was the most likely Pelican currently under contract to be traded away.

Demps has been itching to move Gordon since New Orleans was coerced to take him back in the Chris Paul trade. The trouble in dealing him before this upcoming season was the fact that Demps demanded assets in return. With Gordon entering his final year of his contract (he'll accept his player option) and displaying some value in 2014-15, he can finally be classified as a trade chip.

With Evans and Quincy Pondexter in tow and Anderson as the preeminent perimeter shooter, I feel Demps sees Gordon is his most expendable big minute piece from last season. Moving his 15.5 million contract would give the Pelicans the flexibility they need to address other areas of concern before the salary cap explodes in 2016-17.

Since the Pelicans acquired Tyreke Evans, I've always believed Dell Demps would move Gordon if he found a return he'd be satisfied with. This might be the day.

Much like Gordon, Jeff Green has often disappointed fans and experts in his previous stops. He would have games that bordered the production of an All-Star but then go on hiatus for several weeks or so. Having once been referred to as a LeBron James-stopper, Green has all the athleticism and skills necessary to play the small forward really well. It's often been said that if only he could ever overcome his consistency issues.

The obvious connection of Green coming to New Orleans is Darren Erman. Before the Celtics traded him to the Grizzlies, Erman had the pleasure of working with Boston's best player at the time. If I had to take a guess, all the hours of footage Erman has watched of the 2014-15 Pelicans' team has our new associate defensive coach yearning for size and more ability at the shooting forward position.

Gordon is slated to earn approximately 15.5 million in 2015-16, Green almost 9.5 million. Consequently, other pieces would need to be added to make a trade work. Perhaps, Green's best friend on the team, Courtney Lee?

Stay tuned for further developments!