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Boogie Nights: Bringing DeAndre Jordan to the Crescent City

A potential three team trade between the Pelicans, Clippers, and Kings.

Omer Asik and Demarcus Cousins, both on the move in this trade.
Omer Asik and Demarcus Cousins, both on the move in this trade.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason is shaping up to not only be a big one for the Pelicans, but also for the league as a whole. As I have written before I am desperately hoping that the Pels acquire DeAndre Jordan this offseason, and this is one way they can.

Pelicans receive:

Rudy Gay and DeAndre Jordan (S&T)

These two would be a perfect fit for the Pelicans under Alvin Gentry. DeAndre is an athletic big man, as well as a great rebounder and defender. Whereas Rudy Gay is a true small forward, long, athletic, plays both sides of the ball, and spreads the floor with a 35.9% 3-point shot last season. However, the Pelicans do give up quite a bit in this trade. We’ll get to that.

Clippers receive:

DeMarcus Cousins

There have been some recent rumors about Cousins being pushed out from within the organization by George Karl. The Clippers are facing the threat of losing DeAndre to free agency, so who better is there to replace him? I am aware that CP3 and DMC aren’t the best of friends, but I think Cousins is better for the Clippers at center than nothing for DeAndre. This could be seen as just the move the Clippers need to make to finally reach the Western Conference Finals and beyond. I mean DeMarcus is a much better offensive player, and adds some much needed substance/grit to a rather flashy team.

Kings receive:

Jamal Crawford, Tyreke Evans, Ryan Anderson, Omer Asik (S&T), Clippers 2016 first round pick, and Pelicans 2016 first round pick.

It seems fitting that the Kings receive the lion’s share of players to part ways with one of the best centers in the NBA. If the Kings want to get rid of DeMarcus Cousins I say let them… scratch that, lets help them! Let’s face it the Kings have been a mess for a really long time now, and there has been a lot of tension between DeMarcus and the organization for pretty much his entire career there.

So this trade makes sense, George Karl gets rid of DeMarcus and receives four quality players in return at various positions, the Kings receive two picks next season on top of their likely top 10 pick (if not they lose it,) Jamal Crawford has also been dangled in some trade rumors recently, Tyreke unfortunately goes back to Sac-Town but in a new system and more experienced so it may work out this time around. Ryan Anderson is a great piece to add to any team as one of the best stretch 4's in the league, and Asik provides a defensive rock in a system that can fit him at the 5.

The money works, the motives are there, the only real setback would be getting DeAndre and Omer to agree to their deals which I don’t think is that difficult. This is just a potential off-season move, there is no real noise behind it… yet. Let me know what you all think; is this a good move, is it realistic, what would you do differently?