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New Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry is an NBA Champion

Alvin Gentry will have a little extra in his bags as he travels to New Orleans

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Gentry was hired as the New Orleans Pelicans head coach on May 30th. However, he could not assume the duties of his post immediately. His current employer, the Golden State Warriors, needed his services as their season continued into the NBA Finals. Tonight Coach Gentry can hold his head high as an NBA champion. The Warriors completed their dominant season with a 105-97 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in game six.

Before he comes to New Orleans there will be festivities for Gentry to participate in. The victory parade is scheduled for Friday, and I would expect that Alvin Gentry will take part in that celebration. Scott Kushner of the New Orleans Advocate had a couple snippets to report on Gentry's eventual press conference as the fourth quarter wound down.

If you're a "count the rings" person (I am not) Gentry now has as many as Tom Thibodeau (one as the lead assistant in Boston) and more than Jeff Van Gundy. Even if you're not, that shiny piece of jewelry has quite a bit of gravitas to it and Gentry's was a critical cog in the War Rig that was the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors. Anthony Davis is sure to discuss it with Gentry between now and July 1st.

Congratulations to the Warriors and new Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry.