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NBA Finals Gamethread: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game Six

Do the Finals end tonight? Is the myth of Dellavedova, Curry stopper, finally dead?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
2015 NBA Finals Game Six

June 16, 2014, 8:00 PM Central
Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland, OH
Charter - 7, Cox - 11, DirecTV - 26, U-Verse - 1011
Projected Starters
Stephen Curry PG Matthew Dellavedova
Klay Thompson SG Iman Shumpert
Andre Iguodala SF LeBron James
Harrison Barnes PF Tristan Thompson
Draymond Green C Timofey Mozgov
Advanced Stats (2014/15)
100.69 (1st) Pace 94.78 (25th)
109.7 (2nd) ORtg 107.7 (4th)
98.2 (1st) DRtg 104.1 (20th)
+11.4 (1st) Net Rating +3.7 (7th)

Can the Warriors end this in six games? The earliest Alvin Gentry will get to work for the New Orleans is late this week. He will have less than two weeks on board before the free agency period begins. Is that enough time to sell Anthony Davis on the direction he wants to go with the franchise? David Blatt was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers on June 20th last year. Kyrie Irving agreed to his five year extension just ten days later.

David Blatt went small in game five and had the Cavs in a competitive spot into the late fourth quarter. Steph Curry ignited the nets while the Oracle Arena crowd erupted. Cleveland has no chance when Curry gets into a zone. Is Mozgov the answer? Game four said unequivocally no.

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