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Off-season roundtable: Pelicans destined for the trading block

Addition by subtraction? That's a potential option.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a Pelican under contract for 2015-16 you would have on the "trading block" on July 1st? Why?

Oleh Kosel: Dell Demps has always maintained he will improve the roster at any opportunity. Obviously, one isn't going to do any better than Anthony Davis, but the rest of the roster has potential upgrades sitting out there. The problem is it's difficult to envision deals that would immediately pay dividends for the Pelicans.

After Anderson's down year and Tyreke's inconsistencies, I imagine one of these players will be sitting in practically all other trade blocks. I just can't agree. I've got faith that Anderson is due for a bounce back campaign. Further, if the Pelicans are adamant about retaining Omer Asik, I prefer his polar opposite remains on the roster.

As for Tyreke, he shouldn't be moved unless the Demps can bring a similar weapon: one that prefers to live in the lane and has the power to collapse a defense at any moment. Further, it wouldn't be wise to trade someone who might be Davis' best friend.

On the other hand, Eric Gordon has never truly fit in, even during this resurrection type of season. He made waves when Jrue Holiday was sidelined, but I fear when the core is healthy, he'll revert back to being the fifth fiddle behind AD, Reke, Jrue and Ryno. He's just not a good enough defender, rebounder, driver or playmaker for his offense to forcibly take a back seat. Thus, his expiring contract could make for a nice trade chip as I don't expect he'd be re-signed anyways once 2015-16 is finished.

David Fisher: I love Ryan Anderson. The anticipation when he is trailing on the fast break is only exceeded by a guard making eye contact with Anthony Davis before an alley-oop. The problem for me is not his drop off in production, as I expect him to come back this season better with more time to recover from two significant injuries. Anderson is a luxury because he's a power forward and the Pelicans best player, and one of the best players in the entire NBA, also plays power forward. This is not about a dislike whatsoever of Anderson, it is about better allocating finite cap space. The Pelicans lack long defenders who can kind-of shoot enough to stay on the floor. Anderson is the opposite; a shooter who can barely defend. Patrick Patterson would be a target on my short list.

Quentin Haynes: Call me crazy, call me crazy, call me crazy. I’m at least shopping Tyreke Evans and Ryan Anderson. Evans is good, but man, there are times where he drives me crazy. He was, at various points throughout the season, the second best Pelican on the team. That said, I’m just not a fan of his game. As for Anderson, I’m always in the camp of moving the guy that’s a free agent next summer unless you’re 100% sure he’s coming back. His value as a shooter should get you some nice offers. Neither guy will be moved, but I would to be a fly on the wall and see what the offers were for both guys.

Kevin Barrios: I think it's time for Ryan Anderson to be moved. He was once a consistent, "Flamethrower," but lately he is more like a Youtube video of a kid having trouble trying to light a fart. I think he will bounce back and get closer to his pre-neck injury self, but I think Luke Babbitt can be a cheaper and maybe even better 3pt specialist for us. Also, with Gordon, Holiday, Cole and Pondexter all proving to be adequate to elite catch-and-shoot players we have plenty of spacing. What we don't have is a post-up big. We need that player to bang in the paint. Moving Anderson and his contract may help us get that player we've been missing.

Isaac Constans: No. I know the names of Ryan Anderson, Tyreke Evans, and Jrue Holiday are being thrown around and plugged into ESPN's draft simulator, but I think trade-wishers are unreasonably expectant. Sure, Anderson had a bad year by his standards, but he still proved that he can space the floor and make bail-out shots with the shot clock on the verge of expiry. He is also a starter-quality player who is happy to come off the bench, an oft forgotten luxury.

And while people say Tyreke and Jrue cannot coexist, I believe they can. I think one should be on the court at all times, and both should be to open and close. While I do not think that the two make for a seamless combination, I do think that Jrue's defensive abilities are necessary and that Tyreke has a unique skill set that the Pels would find hard to replace. I still cannot get over the idea of Jrue running the pick-and-roll with AD, while Tyreke and RyNO would decimate the backups of other teams. That might not end up happening, but the Pelicans should still focus on finding a groove with both Evans and Holiday, because if they can, then this team will be seriously dangerous. Equally importantly, I think there are very few quality trades available for these players. I would rather hold onto all of our assets than make a rash trade without ever giving the lineup a fair chance.

Chris Cucchiara: Really the only player I would place on the trading block would be Eric Gordon. He can shoot the three, but that is about all he can do. With him in the final year of his contract, EG may finally be tradeable.

Jamile Dunn: Ryan Anderson. Many would say Tyreke but I think Evans will be great once he is allowed to play in his intended roll, wrecking ball off the bench. Despite the fact that Anderson had a down year, he displayed to the whole league what he can be during the Golden State series. In a league that's starving for legit stretch 4's that has to be worth something. I wouldn't give Anderson away for nothing but if I can throw him in as a part of a sign and trade for a good SF (Jimmy Butler, Tobais Harris...etc) I jump on that opportunity. I don't think it's very likely that Anderson gets dealt in this kind of deal but i'd be more than open to it if it's made available.