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Off-season roundtable: Fate of Pelicans General Manager Dell Demps

After finishing 10th in the Executive of the Year voting is Dell Demps' job safe? Probably for at least one more year.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you were Tom Benson what would you do with Dell Demps?

Oleh Kosel: Extend him. The Pelicans went through a 3 year rebuild, and they just recently emerged out of that long tunnel. Demps is entirely responsible for the current roster; thus, credit needs to be given for the team maintaining a continuous upward trajectory. Going any other route (outside of an extension) would send the wrong message, and the last thing Benson can afford is for Anthony Davis to have to possibly suffer through a Denver Nugget-like collapse whereby changes at GM and head coach throw New Orleans future into a tailspin.

David Fisher: Pick up the team option. I love the direction Demps has built this team but need to see more before I think the franchise should extend him beyond next season. If things are going great he can always get an extension during the season if the Pelicans get out to a quick start. A contract longer than a year just makes change more expensive if it is necessary in the near future.

Quentin Haynes: I’d keep Demps for at least one more season. He made three really good moves with signing a maligned Dante Cunningham, trading for Quincy Pondexter for nothing, and quietly sneaking into that Dragic deal to pull Norris Cole. Those three moves were solid, but I still question him when it comes to bigger moves and I’m not a fan of his philosophy when it coms to the draft. I’m a huge fan of Rockets’ Executive VP of basketball ops Gersson Rosas and Boston’s assistant GM Mike Zarren as future GMs, but both should be available next year.

Kevin Barrios: I'm a real Dell Guy, so I'd be willing to work out a 3 year extension if it's absolutely needed. However, it's probably more sensible to just pick up his option and see how he re-shapes the roster this coming season. An extension can be worked out during the season if all continues to go well for Dell.

Isaac Constans: Pick up the team option. Demps has gathered a flock of guys together that seem to love playing the game, love the city, and love the sport. The Pelicans made the playoffs this year, and appear to have a prosperous future on the other side of the hill, especially if the team can get a healthy season together to build chemistry. They are only one piece away. However, at the end of the day, this team does have to keep winning. The Pelicans took the first step towards the championship chase this year by making the playoffs, but from this point on, there can be no regression. Barring a major injury to AD, *knock on wood*, playoffs are now a requirement for this team, from here on out. Not making the playoffs next year would be a worrisome step backwards for the Pelicans, and a sign that some new, savory shake-ups are required, and that means in the front office as well.