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New Orleans Pelicans focused on Alvin Gentry and Jeff Van Gundy

Dell Demps appears to be narrowing down his list of choices for the open head coaching vacancy in New Orleans.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Per Fletcher Mackel of WDSU:

Last off-season, the Utah Jazz interviewed Alvin Gentry twice before finally settling on Quin Snyder so it doesn't necessarily mean that Gentry is the Pelicans number one target. However, seeing him and Jeff Van Gundy in the news again does indicate they should be considered among the favorites for the open position.

When considering past performances, it's mildly interesting to see such polar opposites towards the top of the pecking order. On the one hand, Gentry is renowned for sitting on the sidelines of great offensive teams. Conversely, Van Gundy is known for creating stellar defenses.