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Coaching Rumors Roundup: New Orleans Pelicans have been very busy

Dell Demps visited Jeff Van Gundy, Alvin Gentry, and Scott Skiles. What does it mean?

What does it all mean?!?
What does it all mean?!?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Dell Demps interviewed Alvin Gentry on Monday, May 18th. The New Orleans Pelicans general manager met Gentry in San Fransisco after securing permission from the Golden State WarriorsAt some point he has also interviewed Scott Skiles. On Tuesday, May 26th Demps interviewed Jeff Van Gundy; currently an ESPN announcer and formerly head coach with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

In terms of what has actually been reported, that's it. Interest in the job from John Calipari was floated, but immediately shot down by the man himself. Does that mean he isn't interested? LSU fans familiar with Nick Saban's departure can tell you to take Calipari's word with a heavy dose of reasonable skepticism.

The Pelicans are also rumored from the very beginning to be interested in Tom Thibodeau. Of course the Pelicans have yet to request an interview with the former Chicago Bulls head coach, and for good reason. Waiting out the Bulls in their organizational game of chicken means saving on a basketball asset to get Thibodeau out of his contract. Recent reports show that strategy worked out well. [Edit: Tom Thibodeau has been fired, mere minutes ago]

What do all these rumors mean? Dell Demps is taking his time and talking to a lot of people. The probability that Demps has interviewed, formally or informally, just three candidates in the past 16 days is absurd on its face. College coaches who might be interested do not need to ask for permission from their Athletic Director. In fact, making such interest public would be a negative. What if they do not get the job and must trudge back to their university and continue to recruit with their ambitions circling overhead? Not a sound strategy Cotton.

Demps continues to work behind the scenes speaking with candidates we would either love or hate. Possibly both. All those names will not be released; a product of a tight ship with few leaks to the press, especially the local press. If you have been paying attention the Times-Picayune has been reporting primarily second hand throughout the process.

How long will this drag out? No one knows. Personally I would be surprised if a head coach was not announced before the draft and shocked if it took until the beginning of free agency on July 1st. This may not be an "exciting" coaching search with leaks galore. That's just how the Pelicans brass prefers this to proceed.