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Birdfeed: Tom Thibodeau's coaching services should not come at a price anymore

It appears the Chicago Bulls are readying to fire Thibodeau and thus give up any hope of receiving adequate compensation in return from another NBA team.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There is growing sentiment that Tom Thibodeau will be fired in the very near future. Earlier today, a local Ames reporter released the following information.

Later, Marc Stein and ESPN climbed onto the wagon.

The Chicago Bulls are giving increasing consideration to firing coach Tom Thibodeau and absorbing the corresponding financial hit, according to league sources.

Sources told that the prospect of Chicago simply terminating its highly successful but often contentious relationship with Thibodeau, as the days pass, is growing in likelihood, even with nearly $9 million left on the coach's contract over the next two seasons.

At first, the Chicago Bulls were awaiting to receive compensation in return; in addition, they didn't appear to mind that Thibodeau might lose out landing one of the open head coaching vacancies (wow, what a spiteful bunch).

As first reported earlier this week, there is a growing belief in league coaching circles that the Bulls are simply waiting to dismiss Thibodeau until after the league's three current job openings are filled in New Orleans, Orlando and Denver, which would potentially leave Thibodeau without a landing spot for the coming season.

Now, it appears the Bulls might be changing their tune. Whether it's because they are getting too much bad publicity, fear they may lose out on their number one candidate or something entirely else, it doesn't matter. What is important, though, is that Thibodeau likely won't come at any additional costs to prospective teams besides a usual salary (and possibly some team decision making).