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Revisiting preseason predictions

With all the relevant awards and hardware handed out, it's time to have a look back at how The Bird Writes' staff did with their individual predictions of the 2014-15 season.

Skip Bolen/Getty Images

Before the start of the season, several of us gave predictions on a number of topics ranging from whether the New Orleans Pelicans would make the playoffs, Dell Demps and Monty Williams job security and what awards Anthony Davis would take home. So, how well did we do?

Playoffs Pelicans 2nd MVP Least Valuable Player
Brian No Tyreke Evans John Salmons
David Fisher No Omer Asik Jrue Holiday
David Starcer No Jrue Holiday Tyreke Evans
Oleh Yes Omer Asik Darius Miller
Rohan Yes Omer Asik Jrue Holiday
Will Yes Tyreke Evans Jeff Withey

Half of the group believed the Pelicans would make the playoffs, but both David's (Fisher and Starcer) believed the team would win 45 and 44 games respectively. I'd say that deserves a pass.

With Anthony Davis obviously slated to be the best player, it was more apt to determine who would be the next most valuable asset on the team. Although it's quite a subjective question, I'd have to give the edge to Tyreke Evans. He appeared in the most games, played the most minutes and filled in admirably for Holiday at point guard for more than half the 2014-15 season.

Another subjective question was who would end up being the least valuable player. I think all of the answers above are worthy candidates for the award outside of Evans. Salmons was as bad as we feared, Holiday's tibia derailed another season, Miller didn't even make it to December and Withey's minutes and results in a number of categories took a step back.

ANTHONY DAVIS MVP finish DPOY finish All-NBA All-NBA Defense
Brian 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd
David Fisher top 8 top 8 2nd 2nd
David Starcer 5th 2nd 2nd N/A
Oleh 5th N/A 1st 2nd
Rohan No N/A Yes 2nd
Will No N/A 2nd 2nd

Anthony Davis finished 5th in the Most Valuable Player award, 4th in Defensive Player of the Year voting and earned first team All-NBA and second team All-Defensive honors. Quite a haul, but as you can see, we were all in the ballpark.

Monty Williams Fired Dell Demps Fired
Brian No Yes
David Fisher No Yes
David Starcer No No
Oleh No No
Rohan No No
Will No No

Welp, no one saw Monty Williams losing his job. Even though everyone correctly figured the Pelicans needed to have a good season, no one ventured to guess he'd be let go despite a good campaign. On the other hand, several figured that if a head was going to roll, it would have been that of the general manager.

To anyone who has followed the Pelicans the last several years, these predictions shouldn't have come as a surprise. The prevailing view was that the organization valued Williams more highly than Demps for a variety of reasons.

How did you all do with your predictions this seasons? Please let us know in the comments below.