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2015 NBA Free Agency: Pelicans remain interested in Goran Dragic

Difficult to believe but someone else found it news fit to print.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Miami Herald this morning, the Pelicans still have interest in Goran Dragic.

Heat guard Goran Dragic, an impending free agent, feels strongly that the Heat must play faster and has been assured that’s a key part of the Pat Riley/Erik Spoelstra master plan, according to an an associate.

We’re told Dragic very much likes Spoelstra and Riley and nothing to this point has changed regarding the Heat’s status as front-runners to keep him. The Lakers, Knicks, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Sacramento are all expected to have interest

Four years ago, Dell Demps attempted to trade Chris Paul for a package that included Dragic. That move was an attempt to replenish the talent much more quickly than the route Demps ended up being forced to take, one that netted Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman and a draft pick (that morphed into Austin Rivers).

However, since that time, the Pelicans have acquired Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. It's difficult to imagine they would be interested in adding Dragic to a mix that will also likely include Gordon.

Unless, Demps is planning on moving one of the core or maybe he's just doing his due diligence in the case Gordon opts out of his player option for the 2015-16, the Pelicans would not have the cap space to chase a player of Dragic' caliber.

File this rumor under the raise-an-eyebrow-and-move-on tag.