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Roundtable: Potential coaching candidates that the Pelicans need to avoid

There appear to be many worthy names on the board to fill the vacancy in New Orleans, but there are several coaches that need not even be considered for the job.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

What coaching candidate scares you the most? Why?

Oleh Kosel: By default, I think I have to go with Alvin Gentry as my biggest fears appear to have fallen by the wayside: Avery Johnson and Mark Jackson. That's right, I'd avoid Gentry before Scott Brooks and the reasoning is rather simplistic. In 11 of his 12 seasons as a head coach, his defense was below average. In addition, his laid-back personality is best suited for veteran squads. First and foremost, the Pelicans need an emotional leader and one who is going to take the defense to the next level. At the very least, I could trust Brooks to do that.

David Fisher: Mark Jackson by far. He clashes with management. He creates an environment of "us against the world" between his closest circle of players and assistants and the rest of the organization. He is, at best, a supercharged version of Monty Williams. In three seasons with Steph Curry, a Mark Jackson coached team never finished in the top ten in offensive. Even Monty did better than that this year.

Quentin Haynes: No one. At least among the names I’ve seen listed, none of them scare me. Even Tom Thibodeau, who seems is getting bashed so much that I think he’s now a bit underrated, is a solid candidate for New Orleans.

Isaac Constans: Scott Brooks or Mark Jackson. I'm guessing Monty Williams was fired for an internal rift, and I think the Pelicans could still benefit from a player's coach, one geared towards appeasing his players and developing youth. Both of these coaches do that well. However, the Pelicans have bailed on that ship, so why would anybody want a replica coach. Yes, those two may have different styles but they are essentially the same types of coaches. Although I thought Monty would be beneficial for the next year, I don't mean to suggest he was the answer. Now is the chance for the Pelicans to move forward and acquire a new, bonafide coach who can win and develop. This new guy has to be someone who you're comfortable with being the sideline savant for many years. I think there are a few of these coaches available, and I don't think Brooks or Jackson is one.

Chris Cucchiara: I am having a hard time choosing between Mark Jackson and Scott Brooks. I do not believe that Mark Jackson has a realistic chance of getting the job. You do not have THE elite opening in the NBA with your choice of the candidate and settle on Mark Jackson. Scott Brooks is the more realistic candidate that scares me because he could never get over the hump with the Thunder and that team has a better roster than the current Pels team. If you are going to hire Scott Brooks, then you might as well have kept Monty.

Jamile Dunn: I'm sure everyone will say Mark Jackson, he seems to be the scare crow everyone likes beating on, but really none of the names mentioned scare me much. There is however always the unknown when you hire an assistant coach. You never know whether he can handle the big chair so I would say the assistant coaches scare me a bit. Not saying we shouldn't hire one just that there is a level of uncertainty that comes with that.