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New Orleans Pelicans top five stories this week

The playoffs are over for the Pelicans. Exit interviews and off-season rumors begin!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. The New Orleans Pelicans lost game three in excruciating fashion and then bowed out of the playoffs after a game four comeback attempt came up short. Vacations for players begin now.

2. Unsurprisingly the New Orleans front office intends on offering Anthony Davis a maximum contract on July 1st. Marc Stein of ESPN has the details.

3. Owner Tom Benson congratulated the front office, coaching staff, and players for their determination getting to the playoffs in a letter.

4. Anthony Davis finished second in the NBA's sportsmanship vote behind Atlanta's Kyle Korver.

5. Monty Williams end of season press conference was very positive. Part I and Part II can be found on This quote, found at 14:00 in part I, struck me.

Look for more from us here at The Bird Writes in the coming weeks. Plenty more to discuss!