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The New Orleans Pelicans thumped by the Memphis Grizzlies, 110-74

After New Orleans had probably their best game of the season 24 hours earlier, we should have figured they might follow it up with one of their worst.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Pelicans got whipped in the 1st half, particular in the second quarter (28-12). The Grizzlies played their brand of basketball: dominated the paint, slowed the pace to their liking and forced the Pelicans into a lot of jumpers.

The reserves notably dropped the ball as a 3 point deficit after one ballooned to 15 points in less than 4 minutes of the second quarter. They couldn't make a shot, much less run any effective offense, and on the other end of the floor prevented nothing. Many, including myself, were wondering why Monty Williams was so casual with the rotations -- rolling with an all reserve team for big minutes in a very important game.

Welp, it didn't matter in the long run because the starters had their turn in back of the woodshed in the third quarter. The Grizzlies methodically kept to their script and apparently no halftime speech would have saved the squad tonight.

Tyreke Evans wasn't effective (wouldn't be surprised to learn his shoulder was bothering the warrior), Ryan Anderson remained in refrigeration and even Anthony Davis didn't play like the dog that Monty coaxed out in the 2nd half of the Pelicans win against the Warriors last night.

Not a fun game to watch and it was made even worse considering what's at stake. However, the playoff dream is still alive and well as the Pelicans had a one game advantage in the loss column. Currently, we're even with the Thunder, but remember, OKC has to end up at least one better because New Orleans owns the tiebreaker.

So Pel's fans, don't despair. The ride isn't over. Stay tuned for Quentin's full recap coming up in a short while.

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