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Roundtable #9: Pelicans 2014-15 Season Recap Part IV

Now for the fun; our favorite Pelican moments.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

What was your favorite moment? (Not everyone gets to pick the AD game winner!)

Oleh Kosel: Beating the Spurs in Game 82 of the regular season. Leading up to the game, so many local voices were adamant on social media that the result of the game didn't matter in the long run. That the Pelicans last couple of weeks of the regular season would serve as the team's playoff experience. As we've learned from the Golden State series, nothing could be further from the truth. A taste of the playoffs THIS season was vital for the growth of this group.

David Fisher: The January 9th victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. It was the first (and only) time we really got to see this team close to 100%. Jrue Holiday had 23 points and 8 assists, Davis had 20 points and 10 rebounds, Ryan Anderson had 20 points and went 4-8 behind the arc, and Tyreke Evans (off the bench) had 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. That was the team I thought I signed up to watch all season long.

Quentin Haynes: Davis’ monster performance against Denver. In a losing effort, Davis showed the league the monster he’s becoming. It was excellent. He was dominant offensively, grabbed every rebound that was in sight, moved the ball well and blocked shots. It was the full course meal and the only thing I was that were different was that it came in a victory.

Zachary Junda: Definitely the win at home over the Clippers on January 30. If you recall, in the Pelicans previous game against the Nuggets, Anthony Davis pulled his groin and wasn't going to be available in this contest; Jrue Holiday would also be M.I.A., but the Pelicans still found a way to take it to one of the West's best. Ryan Anderson damn near had a double-double (24 and 9), Tyreke Evans one upped him and almost had a triple double (11-8-12) and Dante Cunningham and Omer Asik combined for 13 points and 19 rebounds. Then you had Alexis Ajinca contributing 17 off the bench, Quincy Pondexter hitting a pair of treys, something called "Nate Wolters" handing out three assists and even Jimmer Fredette shooting 100 percent for the night (1-1 FG, 5-5 FT). But that night belonged to Eric Gordon. He led all players with 28 points, hit five threes and handed out seven assists. That night was maybe Gordon's best game in New Orleans. That night reminded us what the team was hoping he would become when he came over from Los Angeles.

Kevin Barrios: For me it was the entirety of game 82 to close out the season. We were facing the reigning champs, the model franchise and we needed to win to make it to the playoffs. We had our coach going against his mentor, we had Anthony Davis going against the model PF of the past two decades in a game that was meaningful for both sides. Had we won a playoff game I would have possibly gone with that, but the Spurs' game is currently the most important win in the Pelicans' brief history until we get that much sought after post-season win.

Isaac Constans: My favorite moment occurred after the January 25 win against Dallas, remember that one? That when Anthony Davis took over the fourth quarter, couldn't miss a free throw, and had a huge steal to seal the win. The win gave the Pelicans their first three game winning streak of the year, and solidified their above-.500 record. After the game, Anthony Davis was not his usual subdued self, either, throwing the ball into the air, gesticulating from his chest to his court, and hugging an equally-enthusiastic fan. It was one of those moments when you felt like Davis and the Pelicans were doing more than playing basketball for money, they were drawing out the city's passion and joy and showing it off to the world.

Chris Cucchiara: My favorite moment was beating the Spurs to get into the playoffs. It was a legitimate win and the Pelicans earned their spot in the postseason. I was there and I was so amped up. These NOLA fans can really energize a building when they want to, hopefully it can happen more often now that the Pels (and their fans) have tasted a little bit of success.

Nico Baguio: Outside of that AD game winner back in February 6, I'm going with the Tyreke Evans game winner back in January 18 against Toronto. It was my favorite moment because leading up to that point, without AD and without Jrue, I didn't know who I wanted the ball in the dying moments. Tyreke was awful in the clutch and his decisions in the dying moments left you scratching your head and scrunching your brows. AND THEN HE FREAKING HIT THE LAYUP. OVER TWO GUYS. OMG!

Matt Robinson: The last game of the season was by far my favourite moment, I remember it clearly. The game was great and entertaining to watch, the crowd was electric, and you could see the emotion in the players pushing them to make the play-offs.

Jamile Dunn: It was definitely the Spurs win. I could also with the Brow Mary three pointer to beat OKC, but that was just one of 82 (even though it ended up being the deciding factor). However I'm going with the Spurs finale because the Pels had to earn their way into the playoffs in a game few thought they would win. In addition the Smoothie King Center was rocking and after the game we got to see this group savor the fruits of their labor for a few short moments.

Kyle Gahagan: My favorite moment this year was the Anthony Davis block of Boris Diaw, sealing the win over the Spurs in the final game of the season. The pressure our guys must have felt to win, the excitement Monty must have had facing his mentor in a game of such importance, and the collective effervescence (see Emile Durkheim), felt by every single person inside the Smoothie King Center when we sprinted at the start of the game to a sizable lead by half-time, and ultimately holding on to capture a victory over the defending champions of the league, serving to unify the team and the fans in pure elation for achieving a long sought goal.