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Bird Writes Stats: Writers who bring the wins and those who only reap losses

Some writers have better luck than others.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here at The Bird Writes we have a sign up list for game coverage. Game previews, game threads, and game recaps all need to be created so that you, our readers, have the content you adamantly seek. We give our staff the opportunity to sign up for games that might be especially meaningful to them, that they might be able to attend in person, or simply on night's when their real life responsibilities permit a long night after a West Coast game.

There came a point, however, late in the season when Oleh and I became concerned about the work of one particular writer. Well, not the writer specifically, but rather the team's performance when that writer requested a recap.

The New Orleans Pelicans were in the thick of the playoff hunt and it felt like every time Quentin signed up for a recap, the team would go on to lose that night. Remember, we are all fans of the Pelicans first and if sacrifices were necessary to get New Orleans into the playoffs, then we were going to go the extra mile during the stretch run.

Turns out we were right. Through no fault of his own (we think, wink) Quentin brought a scourge down upon the Pellies whenever he volunteered to write a recap. Was it is use of the "Pellies" moniker, the brain child of Zach Lowe? We can never tell.

Without further ado, here are the records of each of our writers when covering the Pelicans. Direct your cheers (or jeers, only in playful jest please) appropriately.

Writer W L
Oleh Kosel 16 13
David Fisher 18 8
Quentin Haynes 4 15
David Starcer 3 1
Zachary Junda 2 2
Matty Robinson 1 2
Brian Ball 1 0
45 41