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Roundtable #9: Pelicans 2014-15 Season Recap Part III

Even a berth in the playoffs does not mean the season went perfectly.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Who or what was the biggest disappointment this year? (Coach, Player, Executive, injuries, you name it)

Oleh Kosel: Jrue Holiday's Tibia. After losing him to a fracture last season, the last thing anyone expected was a reoccurrence of an injury to the same area for essentially the same reasons. If it continues to be a problem, it'll be a significant blow to the Pelicans chances of making serious noise in the Western Conference as I believe he's one of the best all-around point guards in the NBA.

David Fisher: Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis not playing enough together. I want those two to really get used to working with each other and for two seasons we have only seen the appetizer. I continue to feel like Davis and Holiday will be the bedrock this team builds upon and despite all the wins we haven't really seen the cornerstone laid.

Quentin Haynes: Ryan Anderson, although it wasn’t his fault. This was another season where he had troubles with injuries and we didn’t get to see much of him during the regular season. A disappointment he was not, but the fact the basketball gods couldn’t bless him with a season of health was.

Zachary Junda: Man Ryan Anderson was bad. Really, really bad. Statistically every single shooting percentage possible was the worst of his career except for free throw percentage which was "only" his second lowest figure. When Anderson's not making his shots, like he was all season long, he's pretty much useless when you factor in how much of a liability he is defensively.

Kevin Barrios: The fourth quarter of game 3 was easily the biggest disappointment of the season. Also, Ryan Anderson's season was particularly disappointing. I understand that he was coming off of a major injury and personal tragedy. I also understand that shooters go cold and that he will likely bounce back and have more game 3 kinds of games. However, I really didn't like how he took so many bad shots and how the ball rarely left his hands once it was in them; especially on those off nights. I need to see him play more selflessly.

Isaac Constans: I know how much Omer Asik divides the opinions of Pelicans fans, but he was my biggest disappointment. And I didn't even think he was all that bad. His rebounding allowed Davis to make good on his potential, stepping outside and having more freedom to demolish basket-bound shots. It's just the offense with Omer. I didn't expect him to be so inept, incapable of converting any field goal aside from a dunk with a five foot uninhabited radius. Too many times he would pump fake with defenders out of reach, only to invite them closer as he would get blocked or miss an easy layup. He is a great rebounder and a good post defender, but if he wants a similar contract, he needs to talk to Odell Beckham Jr about catching and see Tim Duncan to teach him some offensive fundamentals.

Chris Cucchiara: Ryan Anderson was my biggest disappointment. Look, nobody understands what he has been through in his personal life and injuries the past couple seasons, but this season was rough. His shooting percentages, especially his three point percentage, were his worst since his rookie season. He seemed to take tough shots at least two or three times a game and it wasn't always his fault. Too often he was used as a "bailout" for the second unit at the end of the shot clock. I do put this on Monty too, however, because he kept putting Ryno in lineups where Ryno would have to carry the offense and this year, he wasn't up to the task because of the injuries he has sustained.

Nico Baguio: Lady Luck disappointed me. I watched the 2013-14 season in grief, as I watched this team that had something special get derailed because of the injury. This didn't change much in 2014-15. Jrue would miss 42, Ryno would miss 21, Eric Gordon 21, AD, 14. The Pels weathered those injuries and parlayed it into an 8th seed -- but the what-ifs this team is making me think of are just too big.

Matt Robinson: Jimmer Fredette was disappointing, but he was brought in for minimum so that wasn't too bad. Ryan Anderson has honestly been my major disappointment this year. This was his worst season here in New Orleans, and although I want him to stay and hope he can return to previous levels, I wouldn't be upset if he was moved for a future piece.

Jamile Dunn: Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson are running a tight race for this distinction. I'll go with Jrue. First because he is so important to the Pelicans defensive strategy and second because this nightmare might not be over. I hope the Pels can get this stress fracture situation under control but there is that lingering doubt that Jrue's leg might be a lemon. Holiday is a wonderful player when healthy so let's hope he can return to 100%.

Kyle Gahagan: The biggest disappointment was clearly Jrue Holiday, though due to injury set-backs. When you lose a starter who mans the helm as good as the best in the league, it's hard to recover. In his absence, the Pelicans were constantly using guys like Tyreke (not a PG), Norris Cole (not a PG1), and Eric Gordon (absolutely not a PG), to fill the void he left. Another candidate could be Ryan Anderson, though it's debatable that he's far more replaceable than Jrue.