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Roundtable #9: Pelicans 2014-15 Season Recap Part I

This ended up being enormous. Eleven different contributors answered so we've divided this up. Enjoy at lunch each day this week!

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Are you happy with the results this season?

Oleh Kosel: Unequivocally, yes. A thousand times yes! This season was all about making the playoffs. Having believed the team had the talent to do so at the start of last season, it was important for them to realize the potential in 2014-15. Making the postseason despite another round of injuries, made it all the more sweeter.

David Fisher: Very much so. I initially pegged the Pelicans to improve but miss the playoffs. Thanks to injuries in Oklahoma City and some really nice trades during the season New Orleans got to experience playoff basketball for the first time since 2011.

Quentin Haynes: Yeah. The Pelicans got some valuable playoff experience and Anthony Davis took the step forward, looking like the best player in the league from start to finish. There are some other things that were disappointing this season, but overall, the Pelicans got to the playoffs after being in the 9th spot forever, then looked liked they belonged against the best team in the league and MVP candidate Stephen Curry.

Zachary Junda: How can you not be? For the first time in four years, New Orleans was playing basketball that affected the playoff picture instead of the lottery. New Orleans transformed from Minnesota South (bad team with a top-five player on the roster) to a playoff team and earning the respect of basketball consumers everywhere.

Kevin Barrios: This team exceeded so many national media expectations and showed so much promise that you could look at a playoff sweep — especially they way we lost game three — as a real let down. However, I'm so in love with this team and its players that it's hard to not feel great about this season. I know I've beat the drum to run Monty out of town for the last 3 years, but I even have some warm feelings for him as the season closed.

Would I still like to see an upgrade? Sure, but if he can strengthen his bench and learn to better manage the flow of the game, I'll let all past disagreements fade away. Maybe it's just the high from the 1st three quarters of game three, but I don't totally hate the idea of Monty returning at the moment. Ask me again in a couple of weeks. We have finally gotten to experience meaningful basketball from a team that truly feels like it is ours.

The Hornets always seemed rented, but the Pelicans seem like they are ours. We have a superstar that is so easy to love. I always cheered for and appreciated Chris Paul's talent, but I never really liked his personality or style of play. I LOVE everything about AD. His presence has electrified a city that has been very lethargic when it comes to embracing basketball. You have to be excited for the future.

Isaac Constans: Very happy. I expected the Pelicans to make it to the playoffs but to not do too much more. (However, that was before all the injuries started to rack up yet again.) Anthony Davis was of course exceptional and continues to assert himself as one of the game's top players (not young players, players). Tyreke Evans was also filled in fantastically for Jrue Holiday at point guard, and Eric Gordon's shooting from deep was something that the Pelicans had been missing for years from the guard position. This team is one piece away from serious contention.

Chris Cucchiara: Yes. In my opinion, anyone who is not happy set some unrealistic expectations for the Pelicans this season. Playing in the tough Western Conference, in the toughest division in the NBA, and withstanding all of the injuries that the Pels endured, all the while still making the playoffs, should be applauded.

Nico Baguio: Of course. All of us agreed that getting into the post season was good enough, anything after that was gravy. I'm even more happy now that:

a. Our Pelicans got to experience the playoffs.

b. Experienced the heartbreak of game three.

c. Got swept.

The experiences they got from those three bullets will help them realize what it takes to get to the top, how hard it is to get there and the *short* experience to do it. It's fuel to the fire and it will fan the flame. I'm sure they'll come back next season hungrier and eager to prove that their time is now.

Matt Robinson: The results this year have been great: the team battled through adversity and made the play-offs in a tough Western Conference. The main thing is the development of not only Anthony Davis (which has been fantastic to watch), but others like Eric Gordon embracing a smaller role, Alexis Ajinca posting career highs in most stats (a remarkable Per of 19.9) and Monty Williams constant improvement throughout the year.

Jamile Dunn: Let's see how do I answer this....Yep! The team made a big leap from last year, earned a playoff spot the hard way, and got valuable playoff experience. Had the team had better injury luck they almost certainly would have won 50 games. In addition, Anthony Davis earned a spot among the superstars. Not sure how you could see this season as anything but a success.

Kyle Gahagan: Happy? I'm ecstatic with how the season unfolded. It's been a few years since any local team showed as much promise as the Pelicans offered up this year, and for a sports-centered community such as New Orleans, it was just what we needed. More so than the W-L record, it's a great asset to have some playoff experience in the bank going into next year. For the first time since the Chris Paul era, we again have tangible, glorious HOPE.