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Which memories will you choose to keep from the Pelicans-Warriors Game 3?

For better or worse, the sights and sounds inside the Smoothie King Center were special, both the spectacular and the gut-wrenching.

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Thursday night, Game 3 of the 2015 first round playoff series between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Golden State Warriors, was filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There were a countless number of memorable possessions that onlookers were privy to. Thus, let's see if we can cover most of the bases with this look back at most of the key moments.

Before the start of the game

The crowds had amassed in force and were awaiting the tip-off.

Playoff fever is alive and well at The Blender. #Game3 #TakeFlight #PelsvsWarriors

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To keep the eager flock engaged, MOJEAUX, Pierre the Pelicans and several members of the Pelicans dance team entertained those waiting patiently for the doors to open.

Inside, the Smoothie King Center was a beautiful sea of red and it was intent on displaying an easily understood message of inspiration.

During the announcements, the atmosphere was magical with the players and coaches surrounded amid a sea of lights and smoke.

The first three quarters

The was so much joy in mudville! A number of different Pelicans were flying in and throwing down crowd-igniting dunks.

Then, Ryan Anderson (aka the Flame Thrower, the Arsenal, hell, the guy who used to make lots of jumpers) finally made his long overdue appearance from the perimeter. Draymond Green didn't even have a chance.

Lastly, the Pelicans decided to host a block party for Marreese Speights. Jrue Holiday honored him and Dante Cunningham said hello not once but twice.  However, it's hard to argue against Anthony Davis being the warmest host.

Oh those zebra's!

Make no mistake, they've got a tough job to do and they certainly will not get every call right, but the referees were front and center last night. They called a total of 8 offensive fouls on the Pelicans of which the first 7 constituted nearly all of the team's turnovers.

Most of them were reasonable, but several were downright egregious. Do you know how you're a Defensive Player of the Year candidate? When you get away with stuff like this. But Harrison Barnes? Come on.

Three referees had trouble distinguishing between a three-pointer and a foot on the line. Even after a review, the referees deemed this Eric Gordon jumper with 2:44 remaining in overtime was only worth two points.

I've heard the Pelicans have the NBA's next superstar. Trouble is, he's still not treated as such. Anthony Davis apparently can still be held visibly in place or allowed to be hit during his shooting motion without the benefit of an aptly called infraction.

Now, before Pelican fans can claim the bad calls only affected them, how about this final Golden State possession where Stephen Curry was turned into a pancake?

Well, that's a brief snippet of just one basketball game in late April in the Crescent City. If you have any personal pictures to share or think we should have included something else, please let us know in the comments below!

**Special thanks to Matt McIntosh, the Pelicans organization and everyone else for the images, videos, etc.