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New Orleans Pelicans top five stories this week

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Pelicans may be down 0-2 to the Warriors, but there is reason for hope. The progress has been evident as the series has advanced, and it's high time their shots start dropping through the net.

2. In his pre-game comments before Game 2 of the Pelicans-Warriors playoff series, Monty Williams wasn't talking about the upcoming matchup but rather apologizing for comments that were taken out of context earlier in the day.

3. Prior to the start of the playoffs, much was written about how non-competitive the #GSWvsNOP series was going to be because Golden State had one of the best regular seasons of all time.

4. In Game 1, Anthony Davis missed tying the highest point total for a playoff debut by just one point. Three players including Kareem Abdul-Jabber share that distinction.

5. In case you missed it, Fox Sports New Orleans will be covering all the playoff games between the Pelicans and Warriors that do not appear on channel ABC. Hallelujah for Joel Meyers, David Wesley and Jennifer Hale!