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Tyreke Evans listed as questionable for game 2

The story according to Evans is different, however.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When Tyreke Evans left the game before halftime to trudge back to the locker room you could feel the hearts of New Orleans Pelicans fans sink. We did not expect the Pelicans to come out of the first round victorious but staying competitive (the Pels were not at the time) and healthy seemed to be realistic expectations. Anthony Davis and company did get it together some in the fourth to avoid a demoralizing defeat; but on the injury front news is not so promising.

This afternoon ESPN reporter Marc Stein had the details. The Pelicans held their practice at the University of San Francisco and while Evans was in uniform he did not participate in practice with the team.

Officially the Pelicans list Evans as questionable. Not surprising considering Evans was not a participant during the morning practice session.

The Pelicans have been burned by a knee bruise before. Remember that in 2011 Eric Gordon suffered a knee contusion in his first game as a then-New Orleans Hornet. That injury, and various complications, stretched over the course of three full seasons. Even still it is difficult to call what Gordon is now 100% compared to his previous form as a Los Angeles Clipper. Gordon had 35 dunks in his final season in LA. He has had 15 dunks in four SEASONS in New Orleans.