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New Orleans Pelicans top five stories this week

Playoffs? Playoffs? We're talking about playoffs?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Playoffs! The New Orleans Pelicans punched their ticket with a big win over the San Antonio Spurs. Oleh had already laid out the case why it was possible.

2. Anthony Davis is about to enter the playoffs for the first time. Mike Prada took a hard look at the Pelicans and AD in particular previewing his debut.

3. Jrue Holiday finally returned to the lineup last Friday night. On Wednesday he blew past the 15 minute restriction to log 25 in the victory.

4. Tyreke Evans laid down the quote of the year. "We not stoppin' at no stores. Straight gas. That's what we do, just keep going."

5. AD finished the season with a Player Efficiency Rating of 30.8, 11th best in NBA history according to Basketball Reference. Did we mention he's only 22 years old?