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The Pelicans lose to the referees (with some help from the Rockets), 121-114

In one of the most important games in New Orleans franchise history, biased officiating ruined all hope for a win.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I've never harped on officiating this much before. Not even close. However, the referees were so damn ridiculous in this game that they likely changed the outcome. It's downright stupid that I'm going to be preoccupied tonight/tomorrow morning dwelling on a post regarding the omnipotent (yet blind) whistle instead of focusing on the Pelicans legitimate push for the postseason.

The only things that lessen the pain:

As it stands, the Pelicans remain tied with the Thunder regarding wins and losses. If the Pelicans can take care of business tomorrow night in Minnesota, against one of the worst teams in the NBA, and the Thunder lose to the Blazers, New Orleans will be sitting pretty. As in, playoffs here we come baby!!!

However, we can't get ahead of ourselves like this. Tonight was a troubling loss, and who knows, maybe the NBA decides to rescind Westbrook's technical foul. We've had worse luck before.

Stay tuned for David's full recap coming up in a bit; I'm emotionally spent.

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