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Participate in March Madness with The Bird Writes

I promise you, it'll be more fun than you've ever had because of the implementation of a new twist.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey guys, I don't know about you, but outside of the NBA, my next favorite sporting event to follow is March Madness. Despite rarely having the time to watch college basketball games from start to finish, I still very much enjoy filling out a bracket or two.

Nearly always, though, a few bad picks turns my bracket(s) into a disaster area filled with too many teams crossed out with red lines. Does the same happen to you? If so, a new format by Realtime Brackets, that SB Nation has decided to partner with this season, should be positively alluring.

The company is introducing a new twist into the time-worn format: The ability to change your bracket whenever you want, however many times you want, in real time -- even while a game is being played. You can make sure you have a perfect bracket, but there's a cost: You wont earn as many points for changing picks mid-game as you would for sticking with a team from the start. Essentially it's a system that not only makes every game count, it makes every minute matter.

Of course, the company also offers other types of formats, including the traditional method of not allowing changes once the first game tips off if one so prefers. However, The Bird Writes Group will incorporate this new twist because it sounds like a blast to play.

Although there will be no prizes this year, bragging rights are up for grabs. If the participation is there, this may change by the time the next March Madness rolls around.

I hope to see the vast majority of loyal readers join all the staff here for the tournament! Once you've registered, please join our group: The Bird Writes. Good luck!!!